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OMG there was blood everywhere!

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I was sitting on the floor of my room, organizing the bottom of my closet, and finished what I was doing. I turned to go into the hall, and saw drops of blood all over the gray rug!!!

I freaked out - started yelling at my roomie to check all the cats. I went into the living room to find about a dozen big droplets of blood on a cardboard box on the floor, with a trail leading to them from the hall.

I'm still freaking out, run into the bathroom to grab a rag soaked in cold water - while the roomie is checking the cats, I'm dabbing at the blood, and there was a LOT of it!

Come to find out, it's Max! He either cut his paw or cut his cheek, because there was whole a bunch of blood on both, but after cleaning him off with the wet rag, I wasn't able to find an injury anywhere, partly because I couldn't keep him still.

I think it was his paw, but his claws and pawpads all looked ok. My roomie thinks that he scratched his own cheek somehow, because he thinks it came from his cheek.

I have no idea - all I know is that whatever it was, it stopped as soon as I picked him up and cleaned him off. I was all set to drive to the emergency vet, but I decided to wait and see, since he had stopped bleeding by then.

I put Nature's Miracle on the spots on the rug after I cleaned them up as best as I could, and Max is doing just fine, running around like nothing ever happened.

Oh - and Max learned how to open the cabinet where the dry cat food is kept today. He's had a busy day.
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OMG, that would have scared the pants off of me! I hope Max is OK and it was just a simple scratch.
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oh i would have been freaking out! glad he is ok!
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He's ok now.

Me, on the other hand? A little less so!
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Peroxide gets blood out pretty well.

Maybe check him over again when he's sleep? Or could there be the slim chance that he caught a mouse? That would explain blood on his face and paw, but no wounds.
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
Or could there be the slim chance that he caught a mouse? That would explain blood on his face and paw, but no wounds.
Exactly what I was thinking, too! I hope he's ok!
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Oh my goodnes I am glad he is ok.......
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I am so glad he is ok, I hope your nerves settle soon
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Maxx, you wild boy.....
cool it!

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Oh how scary Betsy ...Glad he's okay
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glad he is okay.
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That must of been scary! So relieved to hear hes okay!
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Well, still no sign of any cuts on Max, so the only thing I can surmise is that he must have caught a mouse!

Max bites HARD into the toys he catches when playing, so I can only assume at this point that he caught a mouse and bit into it, which is where the blood came from, but that it must have fled after he let it go.

I've found no signs of rodents in our apartment, but Penny and Ginger were acting suspicious the other day, like they were on the watch for something under the baseboard in the kitchen, so I suppose there is probably some poor mousie in a mousie hospital somewhere telling his harrowing tail - tale - of survival and escape from the evil house of cats!
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