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Shelter donations

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I'd like to give my local shelters 'Christmas Gifts' for the animals.

What would you suggest? I've just read a thread about food donations, so will look into that, but what sort of hamper should I put together? What would they be most needy for in general?
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Our local shelters have a list of the things they need. They post it as you enter and on their website.
It's nice of you to do this.
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Like Mom of 4 said, most shelters will post on their websites or at the shelter what they are in need of, or you could contact them and ask them.

I used to work at a shelter so I can give you an idea of what we always needed most...

Food was always the number one need of course.
Cat litter.
Old towels and blankets, pet beds, etc... shelters always need tons of those.
Collars and leashes for the dogs.
Treats of all kinds.
Toys are great but unfortunately some shelters they do not allow toys for whatever reasons.
If they have a cat room where the cats are allowed to run free out of cages, scratching posts are great.
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Depends on the shelter. We can always use cat toys, non-scooping cat litter, Purina cat/kitten chow. For dogs we can use squeaky toys, sturdy dog toys(lots & lots of big dogs), Purina dog/puppy chow. We can use canned cat & dog food. Love moist dog treats. Cleaning supplies-bleach, laundry detergant, dryer sheets, etc.

We do not like rawhides, though.....often times dogs get sick from them so we do not use rawhides.
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Why dont you call and see /// most shelters here have a wish list and they distribute it to the local pets stores ( big and small) and the occational vet clinic
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Thanks for your help everyone. I'm thinking I will look on the websites. I have loads of cat blankets and things that I don't really use, and a ton of cat pingpong balls. I'll go to some pet shops and see what they've got going cheap, I'll get some catnip treats and maybe some rope toys for the dogs? As for dog leashs, would they prefer rope or leather type ones? I don't want to spend a fortune so I may not buy any of those, but if they are cheap enough I will.

I'll find out what cat litter they use too, and probably pick up a couple of really big bags. I only have two shelters that I would give stuff to, RSPCA and Cat's Protection.
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It is probably best to call and see what they really need. I know at this time of year we get a lot of toys but end up buying cleaning supplies and storing the toys because they can only fit so many in a cage.

One that we always appreciate is printer paper which can get expensive when printing the 7 page sheltercare contracts for each adopter, plus our adoption forms, emails, cage cards, feeding charts etc

Most shelters I have been to don't give the cats treats or catnip because they want to watch for digestive issues and the cats can get a little crazy in their small cages for catnip, so I would definitely ask before buying them.
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Thats such a great idea! I think I might do the same thing
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I try to visit a shelter everytime I go out of town and in my experience, the majority of donations are for the benefits of the dogs, leaving the kitties out WalMart and other big stores often accept food donations, so the overlooked items often include towels/cat cushions, cat litter & boxes (*they don't always have to be actual cat boxes - storage boxes, which are cheaper, are often accepted & the cats prefer the large sides). I also include lots & lots of disposable gloves, bleach and heavy duty trashbags - which are greatly appreciated.
I also contact the local carpet stores for donations of unwanted carpet samples - you'd be AMAZED at how delighted the carpet stores are not to throw them away AND how glad they are to help out!! The shelters like them because each cat can have it's own carpet to enjoy and to take with them!
Bless you in your mission of sharing the goodness and joy of the season
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We get more donations for cats
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This is a great idea
I know my local shelter has a list of needed items on their website
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Another thought is do this every month. $10 worth of donations a month adds up over the year - and you can often talk your friends into doing the same.
Garage sales for old towels is also a great source.
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I hate to say it, but money is always a good choice. Make sure the shelter is a certified 501 (c) (3) and you can take the donation off your taxes if you itemize. Write a check so you have a receipt. That's what I tell people.

If that is too impersonal, has listings of shelters and many of the Web sites with wish lists.
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Money is always good as it can be used for vet bills etc too, but sometimes people donate stuff that would cost more than they donate in cash.

Like blankets and carpet for the cats, for a shelter to go out and buy say seat pads or something small enough for a cage, or new towels to put in them, would cost a fair bit. But most of us have a spare comforter we can cut up and sew into squares or towels and seat pads.

You would be surprised at the simple things they need
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