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Cats? Dogs? What are they?!?

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Hello all! Ever since they became outdoor cats, both of our cats follow us on our evening walks - about a mile throught the neighborhood - even sulking on the evenings that we don't go out! Does anyone else experience this? It's like having very clean dogs!
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Yep, when we lived in Alaska, every time I walked to town with the dog, 5 cats would follow. I had to always keep going back and scooping them up and taking them home and putting them into a sealed room till I returned. The people on our road thought it was funny and neat, but it was worrisome to have these little critters running after me. I used to try and sneak off, but it never seemed to work.
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Hai Mike,
Yes my cats are doing that as well.
If I go walking somewhere around I'm followed by 4 cats jumping and playing and running. And 2 of them also follow me when a pay a visit to the neighbours and then they want to enter in with me.
I used to have a small dog also and when I made my round with him they all followed.
It's nice though!
:foot: :foot:
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In my neighborhood there are several cats that roam freely. I of course make friends with these kitties and then they follow me to my car every morning or try to go for a walk with me in the evenings. I always worry that they'll get spooked by something and they'll run out in front of a car. My street isn't the busiest one in town, but some people drive like maniacs down my road!
So to answer your question...yes I can definitely relate to that!
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all my cats will do this.I think its cute.
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My childhood cat, Loppy, would walk with my brother and I to the local pool (a few blocks along a bike path), to the Apple tot-lot (a playground next to the pool) and the bridge to our elementary school (also near the pool).

Loppy wouldn't wait for us, she just seemed to like escorting us to these places. In that way, she was a lot like a dog.
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In the summer, I like to take the cats on leashes and let them roam in the backyard, but neither of them would stick to a pattern. I tried taking Tigger on a walk in the front yard and she went her own way, munching on grass here and there, walking back and forth, meowing the whole time. But if I tried to lead her somewhere, she immediately went the opposite way. And forget trying to gently lead her back to the house, that's the last place she wanted to go! So, no, my cats are definitely not like dogs. Although they do sleep on the bed as if they were!
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