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my kitten won't stop attacking me!!!

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i really don't know what to do about my kitten Martini anymore. she's about 6 months old, and i will admit, she's a bit spoiled and she doesn't get much interaction with other people. sometimes i feel like she has split personalities. this morning when i was laying in bed with my computer, she came over to me purring and laid on top of me and slept for about half an hour. she was purring and was soooo good! she jumped off my bed to eat and a lil while later she came over to me purring again... this time she became psycho kitty and started biting and scratching me and wouldn't stop attacking me! my arms are now all scratched up and i'm pretty sure i'm going to have a mark on my face from when she bit me. i've tried loud noises, spray bottles, and nothing is working!

she goes from cute adorable kitten to completely crazy kitten in no time at all. she has plenty of toys and i do try to play with her often. another thing she'll do is start biting my hand and wrap her paws around my arm and it's so hard to get her off -- whenever i try, she bites harder.

yet, other times (like now), she just sits there purring, looking so adorable. i never know when she's gonna attack or be cute cuz she always purrs when she approaches me! how do i make her stop?!
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It sounds like she's frightened of something. Was she a shelter kitty or did you get her from a breeder?
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Is she spayed?
Last vet check?
Was she a feral?

I'd take her to the vet for an exam specifically addressing this issue.
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And does she have all of her vaccinations? Were she to leave you with a deep enough bite that has to be treated by a doctor, you'd definitely want her to have her rabies vac.
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she's a shelter kitty and she is all up to date on shots. she's not spayed yet, i need to save money for that. she practically lived at the vet for a month and a half when she had ringworm (once a week dips!) so i was hoping to avoid the vet since they've taken way too much money from me already (i think it was about 600-700 dollars). i'm pretty much the only person she sees, so i cant really imagine anything that she's afraid of. (and when she sees other people shes very friendly -- with the exception of my parents, she hates them). she actually spent all day cuddling with me and only bit once this morning. maybe she just thinks shes playing.

hmmm.. she knows im talking about her, she just climbed up on me and is now laying on my chest blocking my view of the computer
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She's a 6 month old kitten. Kittens play bite and scratch to develope important hunting and fighting skills in the wild. Domestic cats retain those instincts. It might be that this is just a kitten phase - the same way a puppy chewing your shoes when it's teething is a puppy stage.
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