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So How is Your Sunday Shaping Up

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Morning All!

Looks like we are back to the blizzard like conditions here in Central Ontario. Just came inside from cleaning my deck and stairs and we've gotten at least 6" more snow overnight.

Just having my hot chocolate then heading off to work. Was suppose to be off today but two of the people scheduled to work today couldn't make it in due to the weather. Oh well it will give me a day to catch up on paperwork without to many distractions.

No plans for this evening except more snow shoveling, plus I got some really nice lavender bath salts as a gift which I am definitely looking forward to having a nice long soak with....

The kitties are good this morning, all three were curled up in the armchair sleeping when I came in from outside.

Everyone have a good one.
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So far the only things on my agenda are water changes on a few aquariums, cleaning, and making a quick run to the grocery store to get a few needed items.
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We didn't get too much snow last night, maybe 3 inches. Just waiting for the rain/sleet to come this afternoon and make it dangerous. I got most of my cleaning and stuff done yesterday (in case the storm was too bad, and we lost power) so I don't have much planned at all for today. Perhaps I'll just rest and relax with the kitties today!
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My plans include staying inside away from the snow
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As far as I know, my only plans are we're going to Church then to lunch.
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Not much planned.

More language study. (man it's hard!! I wish I knew how to read/write )

Also I'll make myself some brunch. Yummy pancakes and fresh fruits

Later, I'll go hang out at a tea shop.... I wanted to do that yesterday but went to the movies instead.

I might also go to the museum. I found out yesterday that the museum of modern art is much cheaper than I thought. For $10 I can get a pass for the year. And since my work place is just a few blocks from the museum, I can then spend some of my lunch breaks there too.
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I'm having possibly the laziest Sunday ever. Rune is out singing on the other side of the city, so it's just me and the cats No snow yet though, which is a good thing, because it would mean getting called to work to shovel it and I can't stand the stuff. But we are missing out on a lot of daylight.... it's been dark all day! I'm just pottering about updating our wedding website for the family and looking up hotels in Mexico for when we go on vacation
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here in Eugene Oregon it is raining and stormy =[. Cats are scared
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Not much going on today, got to sleep in until 9:30, so that was nice Got up and made french toast, sausage, eggs & hashbrowns for breakfast. Now I'm just on the couch relaxing, waiting for Harley to wake up so I can brush him with the Furminator, he's not much of a fan
Otherwise I'm staying in and out of the cold & the 9" of snow & ice we got yesterday. They are saying we'll be getting more today too
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I got up around 10, played fetch with Trout in bed for a while..then made some coffee sat on here. Cleaned my bathroom, had a shower..Now I am waiting for someone to call me so I can do something

Probably groceries later on today
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It's very cold here today. The basement is about 60F. I am warming up with a Lucky on my lap. Might bake some cookies with mom later.
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It's snowing pretty badly. But it's sort of wet.
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Not too much going on here today eithor.

I went to work for a few hours this morning...cleaned all the kennels, gave meds, fed everyone...

After that I came home and showered then had a little lunch. Now i'm just watching some tv with the furbabies. I'm planning to start cooking some dinner in a little while and then do some stuff around the house.
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It's a pretty warm day today but lots of rain, so we've been staying inside all day. Had pizza a little while ago, and now I'm relaxing on the computer while John works on his Vespa scooter that's in the bedroom.
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I slept in WAY too long today, and had enough time to get up and go to work! Lovely!

Work is BORING on sundays!
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It was about 70º here all day. Although, I would like some snow. This weather changing stuff is making me feel icky each time it goes hot-cold-hot-cold-hot.

We also used today to spend some money. Or a lot! About $200 on the kittens for Christmas - including a 66" tall cat tree. Monte is in love. Rob bought me something at the mall while I got my ring cleaned, we got some Jersey Mike's subs for dinner, and now we're registering stuff for our wedding registries
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I worked today from 9:45-5:30. It sucked, like usual on a Sunday. Last night was our Christmas party so everyone was not feeling too good today. One of the cashiers didn't show up today (or yesterday apparently) and another was sick and went home 3 hours early.

Today was very cold here. It started off snowing, then it turned to freezing rain and then it started raining VERY hard. The roads are pretty bad now. I rented a couple of movies and bought some ketchup chips and I am just staying in for the rest of the night.
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