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The outdoor enclosure

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I promised pictures of the conversions I made to Cabela's old pen, but it was trying to rain and I didn't want to take the Nikon outside, so I shot these with the phone. I'll get better pictures when we have nicer weather

I moved the pen up to the side of the house right outside the cat's room window. There is a plexiglass sheet with a pet opening cut in it replacing the screen, so I didn't have to modify the windows at all;

And I used plastic zip-type wire ties to stitch together a top layer made from poultry wire, to keep the more adventuresome souls inside (i.e. Freeway)

And, I wanted at least 1 action shot, but the tribe wasn't really too sure about that rain thing

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very cool! my cats would love that!
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That's great! I was having a hard time picturing it from the description in the other thread. You did a fantastic job! Even Trace can get out there and enjoy the rain
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That's so cool! I love the use of the shelves. Little steps.
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Wow, that is awesome! I wish I had that!

Can you build me one Mike?
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There is a kitty looking out of the window at you taking the pictures.

Your enclosure is really creative...
your tribe is going to love having access to the outdoors.

Your cats are beautiful.
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Awww Thats so awesome that Trace uses it too!

What a happy bunch of kitties!
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Oh my goodness! That is too cool! I've been wanting to build something like that for a long time! However, I want to wait until we are in a different house. There are three dogs around our house that I wouldn't put it past them to rip up my cat inclosure and kill my cats. Our neighbors even told me, don't let your cats come around my dogs, they will kill them. They are even outside dogs, in a VERY crappy fence
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Nicely done!
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Very nice! They are going to love it!
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Love it!! Are you planning on additions?
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That is a really awesome enclosure, I would love to be able to do something like that for my kids!
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Originally Posted by Bonnie1965 View Post
Love it!! Are you planning on additions?
Possibly. I can buy those panels and connectors separately, they are about $40 US each. 2 more panels would increase the area an additional 50 square feet.
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Great idea

I have always thought about putting a little add on to the deck that would let them get down on the grass, But heck mine dont even like the deck
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