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Christmas Trees and Cats!

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Hey everyone!!

Its our kittens first christmas and we put our tree up yesterday and they wont leave it alone! You buy them so many toys to play with but as soon as you get something you dont want them to play with they're all over it!!

They're 9months old now and the little boy is full of energy and in a split second he's half way up it! Just worried of them climbing up and it falling over (like it has already!) and them hurting themselves.

Has anyone had this before (i'm pretty certain most of you will have! hehe!) and can i ask what you did to stop them? any ideas? or do i just wait for them to get bored of it??

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!
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Bitter Apple works for me.
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Bitter apple? what do you do with it?! i'm a new cat owner so i havent got a clue hahaha!
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got some pics for you guys and a quick video from yesterday! LOL
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We have new kits too for this holiday..our tree just went up too far still standing..water bottle ready though if needed..I hope that is the best idea for detering the fun of wrecking the
so I am going to watch here too ..thanks for posting
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Originally Posted by Kittee View Post
Bitter Apple works for me.
Where do I buy bitter apple??
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You can get bitter apple at Petsmart. Cute kitten!
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We brought in the tree Friday. This is Charlie's 1st Christmas with a tree. He was mildly curious and when we put lights on it, he tried to chew on the cords at first. The tree is hooked to the ceiling just in case. So far so good; he's not bothered it since.

But we don't have the decorations on it...yet. So we will see. A water bottle works with some cats. Also if you hiss at the cat when it gets near the tree will make them leave it alone.
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I finally trimmed my tree yesterday and my kitten wont leave it alone. I have to pull it into the kitchen on a night and when I'm out ! Fable wasn't this bad when he was little!

Good luck with having more than one kitten and a tree!
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OMG Steffie, I was looking at your pics and you have my Daisy's TWIN!!!

As for the tree? We put one up one year and screwed it to the floor. Kept the tree up, didn't do much for keeping the onamints on<G>

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so far so good here
knock knock on wood!
Tree is still standing ornaments in place!
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