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A very short rant

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I just want to say I hate filing taxes!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Since last year, I've used TurboTax on the Web and its really easy. Except for owing them money, it wasn't too bad. Last year, if you made under $25,000, it was free. This year, it cost me $35.00. That's cheaper than H & R Block.
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I hate h&r block but when I did a search it came up for online filing. My brother used it and was happy. I used it and it aparently was sent and declined and I cant even view my taxes I cant print them and so far they have been no help. Like I needed more problems.
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I guess I'm lucky...my dad does all of mine for me. I've always filed with telefile and I get my refund with in 2 or 3 weeks. I actually filed mine on the 24th and got my state refund on the 1st. I should be getting the federal this week...Yay! It'll be nice to have some extra money for once! Jeez it sucks to be poor!LOL!
Denise...Good luck with your taxes! Sorry I'm not much help or anything...hope you get it all figured out soon!
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I know NOTHING about taxes, and I should never try to do them myself. I am so bad I can't even add up a few bills without making a mistake half the time.

Apparently the IRS owes my fiance something like 2k from last year and they never sent it! He's going to try to get it this year when he does his taxes and he's going to try to see a consultant or something like H&R Block so he can get his money for this year and last year right then!
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I used to do my own taxes but one year I forgot to include my son's social security number on my federal tax form. Because of that one very tiny mistake I had to send the IRS proof of several different things and FINALLY got my refund for that year in OCTOBER!!! Now I have H & R Block do my taxes for me, and I have been happy with their service.
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Just wanted to say I am always satisfied w/ H&R Block. We have a complicated return since I am self employed, and they always do an outstanding job.

And the refunds are usually very timely, within 2 weeks tops.
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2 years ago I used H&R Block for the first and last time. I called them and they told me to bring in a disk with all my documentation on it, when I got there they told me there was no such thing as bringing in a disk and told me to go home and print it all out. So I went all the way home and did this then went all the way back and they told me that I had screwed up and it wasn't acceptable. I went home crying my eyes out at the unfairness of it all and have done my own taxes since then.

I was told to file separatly from my husband, but what does that mean? State that I'm single? That's fraud is it not? What does filing singly mean?
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I used H&R Block last year and was very happy. I started my business this year and I would have no clue how to do this myself so I went back to H&R Block. I had my appointment last Thursday. Since it was going to take her time to do it she sent us away. Ok no problem. She told us it would be done Sunday. So we called on Sunday after not hearing from her. She says we have been so busy I have not gotten to them. Well I am thinking I am a customer too who had an appointment on Thursday. So Ok I let it go. I called Tuesday to see if they are done yet. She says I can not read the print out from the computer for my info. I used a software to do this so it was itemized for them. Also my ink is brand new. So she says hand write it out for me and I will do it once you fax it. So I fax it in on Wednesday. Called last night she says you are next on my to do list and she will get it done today and if not then Sunday. I am real close to going and getting them and taking them to a different H&R Block. I always get money back and I really need this extra money right now.

So my question is to those of you who are self employed. How long does this usually take for H&R Block to get it done for you?
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I have heard on the news that people are not happy with H & R Block - my hubby goes to an accountant who charges just $25 and is very clear and concise. I think its better to go to a private accountant.
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I use a friend of the family for my taxes. I love him, I am in his office for ten minutes and he does the e-file and I have refund in my account in a little over a week. And since I refer so many people to him he does it for me for free, but even the people I refer he never charges more than $35 too file, and that is only if they are complicated. I love the man! He is just great.
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I hate tax time too! But I DO love refund time!!!
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