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FLOODing what.....FLOODing?

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Our poor neighbor, he used to think being on the back of the property was a wonderful thing!
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That is awful! Looks like it is time to head to the hills!
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Oh wow......I wouldn't want to be in his shoes (I mean....boots! )

Seriously though......enough is enough.

Hope things dry up for you soon!
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The house I grew up in was right beside a creek,every spring we were flooded out!My grandmother lived right up the road,but far away from the water ,so we would have to go there.Most of the time my dad would wait to long to leave ,sowe had to be resuced by boat!
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Ironically, the name of the creek at the back of our property is Little Creek.....I guess it wanted to make a proper introduction and greet us right at our door! Could be so much worse, people have lost property from these storms, we are quite fortunate that has not happened.
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Hissy did you read my therad about my mother-in-law?
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Hissy, this looks dreadful! Do you have any problems/damage yourself?
I can only wish you good luck!
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Mary Anne, I'm sorry I haven't been around to keep on this! Hope you, Mike, the gang and the horses stayed dry!!!!! (and undamaged!)
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Well now everything is iced over! We had a deep freeze last night, so feeding the horses this morning required me to put on a pair of ice skates! I wish I had a pair! The barn cats were sliding all over the place when they came running in for their meal- I heated up their cat food this morning, boy did they love that!

How's Gary doing Laurie?
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The cats will need to wear ice skates too! I can just see it in my minds eye, all those cats skating!
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It was pretty humorous actually! Thankfully no one slammed into a tree and poor cleo, he came at such a run, when he hit the ice, he just sat down and slid and howled the whole way! He's a Manx and so he had no tail to protect his exposed bum to the ice! I broke open a huge hay bale last night and piled it in the middle of the barn- most of the ferals slept there last night.
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Oh that has got to hurt! OUCH!
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I know I probably shouldn't be laughing, but the mental image of the cats sliding all over the place cracked me up.

I hope poor Cleo is ok, his poor bum.
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Alittle flash burn, he is on the heated cat bed now and doing fine
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That would have been painful, but I wouldnt like to kiss it better!
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