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Making a new friend

laughing until your face hurts

watching a Seinfeld episode you have never seen

ice cream
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hearing that your best friend and her "mr. right" are finally going to make a go of it.

hanging on the phone like you did when you were 15

seeing somebody you haven't seen in awhile and they exclaim how thin you look (contrary to what the scale tells you)
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Waking up from your kitty purring madly and rubbing his face all over yours.

Feeding your cats and watching them come running at the sound of the bag of food.

My boyfriend washing dishes, clothes, and cleaning just as much as I do.

A surprise phone call from my mother.

Finding the perfect apartment to rent on the first try.

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Ice cream
Hanging out at home with my kitties
Feeling good for helping rescue 15 turkish angoras
Seeing my nephew for the first time in 4 years
Being there when my nephew gets married
Being the only one in my entire family invited to the wedding
Going out and buying kitty supplies for someone who is totally alone
Having breakfast coffee with Mom and Dad even though they're deceased
Beautiful weather
The feel of an orphan kitten's purr in my ear
Taking an only 6 week old kitten from the pound and finding it a home
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Last day of the semester!

An A on the bloody law exam!

Summer vacation- whoo hoo. One big week.
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Resurrecting this thread and asking you, what small things in your life are you grateful for?

Right now, I would have to say I am grateful Mike is able to carry on in my stead and feed my critters when I can't at the moment.

I am grateful for individual kitty heaters that curl up on me at night and help keep me warm- doesn't add to the fuel bill!
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Thanks Hissy, I think several of us needed that!
My wonderful hubby who cooks and cleans and takes good care of me.
Great friends (on here and in "real life") to talk to and spend time with.
Cell phones with text messaging that keep me in touch with my best friend who is always on the road, and like myself hates to talk on the phone because of her hearing problem.
Life, love, food and last but not least KITTIES !!!
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I am grateful for the job that I have. I've been working on graphics for our Christmas Party, and have been having so much fun! I'm glad that I'm with a company that will allow me to do things like that, and actually appreciate the work I'm doing on it.

I am grateful for Earl, even though he drives me nuts sometimes. He's a pretty good guy.

I am grateful for this site, and for the friends I have made here. Never thought it was possible to be this close to people who I have never met face to face, but it sure is!

I am especially grateful for Trent and Ophelia. They bring more joy to my life than I thought possible. I am grateful when Trent comes RUNNING to greet me, and when Ophelia snuggles up so tight at night.
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What a wonderful idea

1.Patches & Alley are getting along great

2.My kids are doing great in school

3.Tomorrow im getting rid of dial up and getting Charter
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(a big number 1.) going to get some good Thai food

2. a clean house

3. having no dishes

4. a quiet evening at home

5. having Amber and Mags touch noses and not hiss at each other
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I apologized to a customer for a mistake I had made and instead of yelling at me she thanked me. I like customers like that.

I was ready to go to checkout at the Container Store and a new checker came up and helped me out immediately.
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My husband frist and foremost!!
my son's
my grandchildern
my cats
my health
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My boyfriend insisting on helping me pay for my car repairs that I can not afford.

Boyfriend and I flying out to meet my family for Thanksigiving. It's the first time all of us will be together in over 6 years and we will have over 4 generations of women there! Also the first time Craig gets to meet all of my family, not just my mom!

Just sent out a fax to a local college for admission for the winter semester. I am starting pre-law. FINALLY!

My cats keeping me company while I shower.


I'm thankful for TCS being such a welcoming, informative, and friendly community. Places like this aren't easy to come by. IRL or on-line.
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A few small things for me.

Seeing my Grandchildren on my birthday today..Okay that was a big thing.

Ken and the Sammycat spending time together.

Getting the call today that Dad's marker will be on his grave before Christmas..this is a big thing too.

Having a good day at work even though I was in pain..jeez my neck and shoulders hurt.

Getting a beautiful apple to snack on from a friend it was delicous too
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Originally posted by alexnell
This is a thread about the small things that happen that lift your spirits or help you make it through tough times. Here a few of mine:
When I dropped one of my favorite mugs, it didn't break.
I agree that much of strength and stability come from barely-noticed mundane things in our lives - the small reminders that, when we think of it, everyday life is a latticework of ongoing micro-miracles.

Appetite - not necessarily overindulgence or any particular comfort food, but to have even a little appetite return or remain is a sign to me that my most basic instincts for survival have not given up.

From down in the hole and not wanting to eat - to start thinking about a piece of chocolate or beginning to crave spaghetti or fried chicken - that's when I know my head has lifted from the darkness toward the light above. And if I can start to see light, then I will surely find my way out of the hole.
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Small things that greeted me in my day:

I didn't have to have surgery as I had originally feared-

The nurse who gave me my shots today was so good I didn't even feel it.

Mike took me out to lunch to a quiet restaurant

My horses saw me across the yard and nickered their greeting

Cleo showed up injured and allowed us to care for him without once trying to fight us. After the hair was clipped away from his wound, it turned out to be a very small wound and easily managed.

Our new heater in the house kicks butt over the old one.

I was able to convince a woman at the doctor's office this morning to spay her cat. (I took a copy of Cat Fancy with me to read while I waited.)
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