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Little thing

As I woke this morning with a fever my son and his friend (9 & 7) told me to lie down on the couch and take it easy!
They have been taking care of me all day!
I think it was so sweet! My son also called one of the teen girls who hangs out here and asked her to come over when I was asleep! When I woke I had a clean kitchen and the laundry was done! Kitty was on my chest puring away and booger was at my feet! The dogs were fed and my son told me not to worry about cooking today! He made a frozen pizza for his friend and himself for lunch and we had ham and cheese sandwiches for supper! I have spoiled my son but he really showed me today that he loves me!!
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Ok, let me set the record straight by saying I have hated this name since childhood. My first best friend and next door neighbor was a Debbie too. We both sat around at the tender age of 6 or 7 and talked about how we hated our name. Later in high school, people called her "Fred".

I personally answer to Debbie, Deborah, Deb, and even D. Middle name usage is out. It's Louise (after my grandmother). I was almost Katherine Louise after both of my grandmothers, but my mother changed her mind at the last minute.
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Actually I LOVE the name Debbie/Debby ! I can't imagine being anything else, and I really like my name! I just don't care to be called Deb. And noone ever called me Debra Jean except my mom when I was in BIG trouble!!!! :laughing: :laughing:

Ash, That was really sweet what your son did for you!!!! Wow!!
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I didn't want to see this thread die....so

small things I'm thankful for

ice cream
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It used to be that I was lonely and depressed. I have lost my job and have not being able to obtain work. I used to cry alot. Then I'd go to counselors to talk about my depression and taken Prozac(it didn't work). Then in april, a little ball of gray fur with pleading eyes that said,"love me please!!!" came into my life. Since then I haven't shed a tear. I know that someone is at home waiting for me. Someone who dosen't complain about my bad habits. Who dosen't judge. Who loves me just the way I am.
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The soft nickers of greetings as I trudge through the mud to the barn.

The parade of cats following me while I do chores

Scatter cats insistent meows that she be picked up "NOW" because her feet are "WET! and how could anyone expect her to get her dainty paws so "SOAKED!"

Bailey, streaking across the field and leaping on to the moving wheelbarrow for his ride to the manure pile.

A sweet email from my hubby while he is at work telling me how much I mean to him.

My headache finally deciding to vacate the premises known as my brain.

Visting over the fence with my neighbors, though I did find out that the renters were arrested last night for attempted bank robbery, drug charges, and traffic warrants. Now, guess what is going to happen to those 3 cats they brought with them?.........sigh......

Clearing off yet another shelf in the shop and sorting through the keepers, looking at the treasures and re-organizing the room.
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Watching Alex and Nell investigate the ice cube I put in their water dish--and Nell hissing at it when she touched it with the pink paw and found out how cold it was.
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Nena....your last post touched my heart in a way you will never know... the reason is because, as you said, you have someone waiting at home for you who does not complain about your bad habits, who does not judge you, and who loves you just the way you are.... that is all I have ever wanted from my husband, but don't seem to get....maybe I just need to be single and have the unconditional love of all my cats.
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Just to add something here, because I really feel the need to, even though this isn't my thread....( I am famous for that...sorry)

I love my husband to death, but he is never happy, nor does he accept my faults as just part of me...he says I smoke too much, I drink too much, I am on the computer too much.....etc....
And tonight I was so excited for him to get home, because I found out how much I was getting from my fourth of the inheritance from my father(who passed away last August) and I was excited simply because we would have enough money to pay HIS house in town off...(dont get me wrong here....my dad meant the world to me, and I would rather live under a bridge and have my dad with me, than have money and be without him)

But the point is....I was so excited for my husband to get home tonight so I could tell him I would have enough money to pay of his house...(we live in MY house) and I thought he would be excited!!! He still owed 5,000 on his house...and I just wanted to make him happy....but Oh no...all he does is point out all my faults. Sorry, I am ticked.
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Sorry...went off on a tangent again. (whatever that means)

To restart this thread...

Small things I am thankful for:

Merlin is still alive and well, and loves me unconditionaly
I have some really good friends who accept me the way I am (and they aren't even cats! )

I am still alive...and I will survive.

These are some small things I am thankful for!

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Debby, dearest, you deserve to be happy as you are such a kind and loving person!!
And I am sure you will be however bad things can seem.
We all love you here, just the way you are and this is no small thing
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Thank you Billie...that is so sweet!!!! I feel better today...and I am trying to only drink maybe once a week,and keep it to just a couple,(don't get me wrong, I'm no alcoholic but I drink a couple nights a week, I enjoy a few beers) and cut down on my smoking, and spend more time with hubby when he is home, instead of on the computer....I think we will be okay...everyone has their problems...at least neither of us is cheating, or anything like that, and we DO love each other very very much!! I want to stay with him forever...even if he is a pain in the butt sometimes!!

Here is another small thing I am thankful for...I have central air!! It is so hot here! 94 degrees I think, and it will get worse as the summer goes on!!

And another small thing....(which like you said is no small thing)......is all the wonderful people I have met here!!!
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Debby, sweetie,
How I'd love to meet you an maybe have a couple of beers with you...
I also love to have some especially now that it's getting hotter and hotter and I don't think it's bad. I do it because I pile up so much tension during the day and it feels so good to have a cold beer in the evening with Eric purring in my lap...
I'm very glad you feel better dearest
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Billie! I know exactly how you feel! Especially when the weather is hot, and there is so much stress at work, and then to come home and crack open a cold beer...it's just the best...

Here's to you!!!

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Don't beat yourself up over the beer! Personally, I'm of the opinion that its only bad if it becomes an addiction.

Besides, I was just going to write that I was thankful for the nice frosty beer I had just poured. I have one of those mugs that have a liquid in it and you freeze it. It makes your beer icy! It is Friday after all!

I'll have one with you guys. Here's to Friday!

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Dawn!!!! Your post made me feel so much better! I was starting to feel like maybe saying I was a christian, and then saying, hey...I enjoy my beer....was hypocritical, and that someone would point their finger at me, and say....what kind of christian is that?

But Truth is...I am a christian...I have been saved by the love and the blood of christ....but I am not perect....nor did he or does he ever expect us to be....thats why we are human, and he is not!

I have my faults....I smoke cigarettes. I drink beer sometimes (like tonight) and I know there are times he is not so proud to be my father....but dangit...he loves me anyway, just like my father on earth did.

Hope that makes sense....it is friday after all.
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dawn....it seems like you and I have alot in common, so if you ever want to talk...just PM me!
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Today's little smile for me:

My little imp, Joey, has a new behavior. He likes to nap curled up in a sports bag in my closet. He can now open up the closet all by himself to crawl in his bag. It's the cutest thing to hear him opening the door and then see him all curled up in the bag.
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Deb25; It is PRECIOUS when our "babies" curl up in a special bag!!!!

My youngest "girl", BOOKEY, was born in a bookbag/backpac; that her Mom, SMOKEY JOSEPHINA, loved to curl up in.
(She was so young and only had the one kitten. We did not even know that she was pregnant until the morning after birth when we heard the tiny "mews" coming from the bag that was hanging over the back of a kitchen chair!!)
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OMG, 3LK, what a story! Joey has always like to sleep in this bag, but it was off limits to him for wahile in the old house. I was keeping the closet door closed while he was peeing in a few odd places. He couldn't open that door himself, but he has no problems with this one.
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Cheers everybody!
I had a great weekend just doing nothing special going to a party Saturday night and cooking a wonderful meal Sunday. Feeding pigeons so that Eric can watch them feeding on the window sill. I can now say our household has increase by one pigeon - he comes every day and just waits to be fed. I named him Beaky - he's soo sweet!!
But today's Monday and I'm not so happy about it. There were elections on Sunday and all morning I've been translating stuff about them. The only thing that can cheer me today is tha cat site and all of you, wonderful people!
have a great week all of you
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Don't worry Billie. Monday is almost over. I don't know why, but I love mondays. Maybe because I don't have a personal ocmputer and I don't get to see anything that is happening until Monday. I love all days.
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What's your general opinion of King Simeon II?

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A quote I saw on a T-shirt:

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."
---Ben Franklin

I like the idea that one of America's Founding Fathers was a fun guy.
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Now that's a tough one Mr. Cat! I'll have to think about it but if you are curious to learn more you could freely PM me.
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Ben Franklin said that?????? WOW....well, I guess he is pretty smart, so who am I to argue with his logic!!!

Thanks for the info!
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Today's small thing:

I went over to my friend Greg's for lunch today. He and his wife have 3 cats. One is a pure balck cat named Brac. Everytime I go over there, Brac jumps right up on your lap the second you sit down and just lays there. I just want to say: Forget going to lunch. Just bring me a PB and J, and I'll sit here with Brac. He is so lovable! (Hope my boys don't read this!)
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My little black foster cat has coccidia(sp?) and the vet has prescribed Albon. Prince thinks Albon is a liquid kitty treat and he begs for it. The only struggle is trying to get the eyedropper away from him. He's such a .
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Debby, If you want to do another thread, I am getting divorced from my husband of five years.
If you need to talk, I can try to help. Please feel free. I am not very good, but I can try. You can either post it here or email me. maybe there are other divorced people in this site. I, too, have questions.
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Ask away, nena. I'm a veteran.
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