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Small Things

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This is a thread about the small things that happen that lift your spirits or help you make it through tough times. Here a few of mine:

My Alexander finally started using the litterbox again after more than a week of outside-the-box "protests" because of the new cat.

Eliot, my orange foster kitten, did a full somersault when his sister ran into him and landed on his feet again.

My husband stayed up really late talking with me last night, even though he needed to be at work early, because he knew I was feeling low.

The sump pump is working.

When I dropped one of my favorite mugs, it didn't break.
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What a wonderful idea!

The salad I made for lunch was great... hmmmm. Other than that, things were really okay and that's good IMO.
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my boyfriend letting me order chinese on saturday, even though he's not a fan at all. he wanted me to have whatever I wanted, and he actually tried something that I recommended and liked it.

my boyfriend letting me watch 'the mummy' with commentary for the 3rd time-in a week (there are 3 different versions!) and not complaining at all.

feeling my cats little bodies pressed up against me when they lay down. just their presence calms me.

my boyfriend loading the dishwasher without me asking or expecting it.

I just realized my boyfriend was a very good boy this weekend!
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My Lily laying right on me
as if she is trying to suck
the sadness right out or me
Sometimes I think it works.

My boyfriend sitting and
watching girlie shows with me
just because he wants to be near
me. :blossom:

What do you know.. AP my boyfriend
was a dear this weekend also
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Mothers Day hubby and daughter did everything for me. I napped, ate doughnuts and had one of my favorite dinners.

I got to come home and relax tonight.

Hubby is in a good mood today!!!

My Ariel kitty was so happy to see me she wouldnt stop following me for a half hour.

I would say, today is a great day!!
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What a great thread alexnell!!! I am so glad you started it!!! Here are some of the little things in life that have made me happy recently....

My two sick cats are home (okay that's a BIG thing)

Merlin gave me a kiss...and he cuddled with me quite awhile after I got him home from the vets.

One of my best friends is pregnant (okay...sorry...that's also a BIG thing)

It is a beautiful, warm day

My stepchildren and my hubby got me a mothers day card!

My stepson spent the night last night

My kittens are healthy
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Little happy things:

1. Felis catus Michaela gave me a kiss today.

2. It rained! I love rain and so do the bushes and trees outside my windows.

3. I did a huge load of laundry. The happiness part comes after it's all folded and put away, of course.

4. The telephone didn't ring all day.

5. The library sent me an electronic-mail notice indicating a book I'd put on hold has arrived.

6. I bought something on impulse (a T-shirt from The Cat Site).

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This is such a neat thread! Too often we fail to stop and appreciate the little things. So....to that end....

1. I fixed a broken drawer in my bathroom all by myself.

2. My little baby Joey sat on my lap last night.

3. The Ford dealer was able to fix my car, and it runs great now.

4. My test scores came in at school. Most of my kids did a worthwhile job, and one girl in particular who has struggled all year showed tremendous growth.

5. I went to put on my shoes this morning and found 3 cat toys inside.

6. I am playing hooky from work, and got to sleep in late!

7. I donated a small amount to the Cat Site to help keep it alive.

8. My ex-boyfriend has helped me so much with getting my house ready that I don't know how I would have done it without him. (yes, AP, the same one with the Xmas gifts!)

9. I received an email from an old high school friend, and we have caught up on the past 25 years.

10. I sat through a most interesting law class last night, which made me think of my dad. I wished he was still here because he would have so enjoyed hearing about it. I know this doesn't exactly sound like a good thing, but it made me stop and think about him.

11. I found a ruler with teeth marks in it that weren't there yesterday.
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I have so many little things that mean SO MUCH to me:

All of my animals are safe and well (I am so-o-o-o thankful for this one. I don't think I have had anything but routine visit vet bills for over 2 yrs.)

My family is well and happy.

My Great Nephew Aidan laughs out loud at his "Crazy Aunt "D" (he is 3mos. old)

I have not fallen this week.

My pain has been bearable.

I finished 3 long overdue art projects.

I developed even stronger frienships with 4 new friends from The Cat Site.

I am an Alpha Cat!!!

Great week so far and it's only Tuesday!

(I learned how to use smilies!!!!)

:jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :pinky: :pinky: :pinky:
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A few days ago our two cats were napping in the windowsill (on one of those ledge-attachments you get at the pet store). The 2 kittens we are fostering must have felt lonely because they climbed the curtains to get up to the ledge, wake up the big cats, make them scoot over and the 4 of them curled up and napped on that one ledge-thingy! It was the cutest sight! My girl cat had to lick one of the kittens first, and then they all konked out!

I tell you, it was ADORABLE (and I was out of film! Wah!)!
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My happiest moment today was:

My little munchkin girl Faberge (aka "shorty" and Faba-Daba-Do) came home from the vet after being hospitalized for 5 days with pyometria. She was so happy to see me and be home with her other pals. She ran from room to room in disbelief that she was home. When I picked her up, she meowed very loudly then put her head on my shoulder and purred.
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Today I:

put stuff away in my kitchen,

hung some stuff on the walls,

sat in an empty room and admired the paint color I picked out.
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Last weekend we got a Priority Mail box in the mail, return address as from some Laura in Colorado. No one knew who this was. I opened the box and inside were 3 pencil drawings. Before I could get a better look my mom realized that the drawings were some that my father had done when he was younger, and that Laura was one of his cousins. Apparently when her mother (my father's aunt) died she found the drawings and had gone through the family tree to find our address so she could send them. It meant a lot since my father died in 1984, when I was 8.

Anyhow, there are three very nice pencil drawings, all in perfect condition save alittle yellowing of the paper, done in 1965 when my dad was 17. This was a very very BIG small thing
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1. I went downtown to meet my friend Kristin for lunch. We went to the Rialto. She had a nacho while I tackled a Rueben. She had a soft drink (the U.S.A. has such Puritanical workplace mores) while I downed a pint of beer. (F.Y.I.: Kristin is happily married to Chris and has a three-year-old daughter named Samantha; we met ten years ago due to the fact her father, whom she never met, was killed in the Republic of Viet Nam while on combat patrol with the U.S. Army a few days before Christmas in 1968; I was in the Republic of Viet Nam at that time; Kristin was born in 1969; we've been friends, a la filial love, ever since meeting a decade ago.)

2. My web-camera images are now on the inter-net, at URL http://www.spotlife.com/users/mister...N4LKZRUSSGL8JK. It's the view out our bedroom window; and it's what I see when using the computer system, as well as what the cats see when using the adjacent cat tower.


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Let me see,
Me and Eric did our favourite excercise this morning: i held him up in front of the mirror. He simply loves watching himself when he purrs and gives kisses to his mommy! He's a bundle of love and i love him more than life.
He started eating again.
I made a great dish last night and my boyfriend liked it too.
I'm finally back at the cat site
I don't have a lot to do at work and I have a lot of spare energy to put in nicer things such as meeting friends and paying more attention to my boyfriend.
Any the very little furry precious thing that makes each of my days a holiday - Eric!!!!The first thing I see in the morning, he's such a sweety I promise to post a pic of him asap
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:angel2:My oldest son was able to be home last week end (mother's day) for the first time in 6 years

My new kitty Isis started jumping in my lap yesterday & sleeping there

I finally ordered central air for the house, now I don't care how HOT it gets this summer!

I was on the catsite last night till midnight!
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seeing at least one of the cats did indeed use thier brand new littermaid box! I was very concerned about this.

only one more day before a long weekend!

seeing my kitties lay on their cat perch and watch the birds :chicken:

what are the little things that make you smile?!?!?!
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Taking both my kitties to the vet for their first time ever (what an ordeal) and comforting them through their shots and exams (they sure wanted mommy to carry them then!)... Having the vet's assistants croon over my beautiful babies and then finding out all their tests came out negative (YES!!!) then taking my babies home with a clean bill of health and giving them treats for being so good!

I love my babies (can you tell?!)...
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Listening to my little grandkitty purr to nana over the phone.

Buying a brand new Oreck vacuum cleaner (my very first new one in over 25 years).

Telling my daughter that she's the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Waking up in the morning with my kitties all around me sleeping.
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I have a few more "small things" that make me happy that I want to mention....

My Iris's are finally starting to bloom.
My 21 tomato plants did not die over the past two nights that the weather has been so unseasonably cold.

The feel of my kitten's fur on my cheek
My friends from the Catsite
My hubby....who can sometimes be a jerk...lol....but who is being very sweet to me the past couple days!!!

Just now this very minute watching my Merlin stick his head into a huge bag of rabbit food and eat some of it...(Whats up with that???)

I have a three day weekend for memorial day

Okay thats all for now!
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The biggest little thing that makes me smile these days is seeing Squirt in his new atrium!! He just loves it in there, and he is spunkier than I have seen him in 3 years (ever since he became an indoor cat after he got lost). He is really talking up a storm, and we have been having quite a few conversations. Even though he knows where his cat door is, if he sees me walking past the sliding glass door, he sits there and meows for me to open it. I swear, it's like he remembers that he used to do that. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see him so happy!
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and most apologies that this IS so very lengthy............... but.. i hope you will forgive... and understand.. after you read.........


little bit

blind, deaf, cold & hungry- screaming repeatedly for
hours & hours, begging someone to help me! alone,
helpless, miserable & scared, unable to comprehend the
first days of my life.

you see, i was abandoned. just minutes after i was
born, my birth mother left me. walked away from me,
never to look back, never to wonder what had happened
to her offspring. never to cuddle & nurture her
firstborn baby.

there must have been something wrong with me. i was
too little, or too ugly, or too sickly or too
something. she didn't want me & left me to die.

finally, after an eternity of laying on a cold hard
surface, i felt something warm & soft surround my
body. then my mouth was opened & filled w/something
warm & sweet! i swallowed greedily & wanted more &
more! this is what i'd needed-warmth & food. there was
a sense of movement then i was wrapped in a cocoon of
cushiony warmth & with my stomach full, i was content
& went to sleep, at ease from fear, cold & hunger for
the first time in my life. my mother was taking care
of me!

this is all i remember during that dark quiet time.
feeling hungry & calling out, then getting warm milk
in my stomach, getting stroked, being cuddled in soft
warmth, then drifting off to sleep, to begin the cycle
again upon waking.

one day, i woke up to something different. before i
called out for someone, i noticed noises that i hadn't
heard before. i could hear voices coming from the side
& i struggled toward the sounds as i cried out i was
hungry. i once again was wrapped in human warmth &
fed, but this time i heard soft murmurs as i was
stroked & comforted. this was such a good feeling & i
was very happy.

not long after this momentous occasion, i awoke &
realized my eyes were open & i had a sense of light! i
closed my eyes & saw the only thing that was familiar
to me, total darkness. i opened them again & could see
shadows that moved.

unsure of what was happening, i called out for my
mother. i saw a big dark shape come toward me, heard
soft sounds & then was wrapped in the warmth i'd come
to associate w/getting my stomach full. this must be
'mommy' & 'mommy' was BIG!

although 'mommy' always came & took care of me when i
cried, 'she' wasn't always the same. 'mommy' changed!
sometimes 'her' sounds were low & her warmth was
bigger but harder. sometimes 'she' smelled good,
sometimes 'she' smelled smoky. but always, 'she' felt

'she' held me, & fed me & stroked me & softly talked
to me. 'she' loved me! i had a 'mommy that took care
of me now & loved me & i was special!

i soon realized that i didn't just have
one(underscored) 'mommy'. i was special enough that i
had 3(underscored) 'mommies'. since i could see & hear
'her' & now i could move around, i started trying to
find my 'mommy' when i needed her.

sometimes 'mommy' would pick me up & put me down to
something warm & fuzzy & i could eat & get stroked &
bathed. this was my 'aunt cookie' & there were other
babies around me. they were bigger than me but they
weren't mean. they started playing with me & we'd
sleep together.

then i found out i had uncles, too. they were real big
& warm & they'd give me a bath, too. one of them,
'uncle blackie' was alot of fun. when he'd take a nap,
he let me play w/ his tail! he'd move it back & forth
& i'd pounce on it & chew on it & attack it & he'd
never get mad & swat me!

'mommy' always took care of me. 'she' called me little
bit & doctored me & fed me & loved me. sometimes, when
i'd be hungry & try to climb up on her she'd get mad &
put me down. i'd sit on the floor & watch her at the
sink when she made my 'BAH-BAH'. sometimes i could
climb up and sit on her shoulder & wait until she got
my bottle right, then she'd take me down & feed me.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

ok.. smiles.. just in case you have not 'figured' out
'whose/'what's' autobiography' this belongs to?..
(look at my handle again?? hehe)

had one kitten out of a litter of four that.. 'mom'
walked off and totally abandoned.. left in middle of
my kitchen floor..

well..being me.. but of course i had to put a 911 call
into the cat lover i am!.. so?? me and my two teens
took over momma cat position!..

we did indeed.. used eyedropper to feed little bit at
the beginning... graduating to an actual.. 'baby
animal feeder, fully equipped w/nipple(which the
bigger cats seemed to enjoy.. consuming!!)' ..
aka..'bah-bah'.. we spoilt 'little bit' unmercifully!

he grew up w/the 'body heat' of an old 'heating pad'
that was my grandma's.. he did get some nurturing from
his 'aunt'.. and? did play w/'cousins' and 'uncles'..

me and the kids truly were his 'mommies'.. and yes??
he knew what his bah-bah was.. not only by the looks
of it.. but the name of it!.. he was most smart!.. was
kinda more people than cat.. very gentle and loving..
and..yes?? spoilt!!!

is true that?..he would sit on floor and watch me make
his bottle.. (was fed all from.. regular whole cow's
milk, baby formula, condensed milk, and kitten
formula) .. and yes?? he would.. 'climb' up my jeans..
and up to my shoulder and sit there..right beside my
ear.. and watch me.. even would 'help' me do dishes...

we were blessed by little bit's company here with us
for 10 months.. he brought me and my kids a ..
'connection'.. and? we loved him for those months..
he grew up.. to be a most larger tom cat.. and?.. out
and about in his many travels .. he 'lost his way back
home to us'..

he will always be a most special part of me and the
kids' lives.. we will remember him.. 'little bit'...
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Oh I loved that!!! Thank you gata_amore for sharing that with us!!! I really enjoyed it!!!!
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is there some 'connection' between us women named 'deb, debby, debbie, debra, deborah'...... and.. cats??????..
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Where's Rod Serling when we need him? Anyway, my dear friend Debbie (from back in the late '80s and early '90s) kept one-dozen cats. She was also chief technician at an animal hospital.

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gata_amore....are you a Debby/Debbie too?
I think it is amazing how many of us there are on here! I know theres me, and deb25, and Debra Meyers, and oh gosh...who am I leaving out? Well anyway...alot of us!!!
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My mother chose the name Deborah because she thought she was being "unique". Now you can't swing a cat by the tail and not hit someone named Debbie. She did the same thing with my sister Jennifer 4 years later.
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It's been raining here for hours, listening to the rain hitting the roof. Being glad I'm inside all cozy & warm. My one daughter called to say she ordered her first computer, now we'll be able to chat every night Being off work today & sleeping in late and relaxing at my computer & enjoying myself at the Catsite!! Life is Good!:angel2:
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I was named for the actress Debbie Reynolds...and my proper name is "Debbie" there are times I wish my mother had not been so "trendy"
I got real tired of profs in college asking me if that was my "real" name... not Debra or Deborah
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DebbieA ... THATS who I was forgetting!! I knew there was another one!!

My real name is Debra. Debra Jean to be exact....just curious what you Deb's middle names are. Any Jean's?
I absolutely HATE to be called Deb though. It's not because there's anything wrong with it...it's just that in school there was another Debbie so they called her Deb...and she was a stuck up little snot...and I don't know...Deb just doesn't fit me. I prefer Debby. Okay....now that I have gotten carried away on this unexplained tangent....LOL.... I have a few more small things that made me happy today!!!

Spending time with my kitties....I have three babies....four actually but my brother is taking one of them so I am only keeping 3. I had 5 but Shannon took one for her daughter....her daughter named it Lips...(go figure!) My three kitties are a white long haired male named Snowy (or snowball) and an beautiful grey one that is almost blue!! Her name is Ash. And a black one with white belly, white paws and white around it's nose...my stepson named her Sylvester even though she's a female...cause she looks just like that cartoon cat!

Also my hubby and I spent some quality time together this morning...can't tell you all about that though... But then we went to Taco Johns for lunch and spent time outside together cause it was such a nice day!!!!!!!!!

He even paid for my new tires!!!!! WOW
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