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Ban of cat and dog fur trade

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At last!

The Humane Society report really shocked me last month when I read about it in "Cat Fancy". Here's a quote, but be warned DO NOT READ THIS if you're too sensitive - it's not nice at all.

The HSUS estimates conservatively that more than two million dogs and cats are slaughtered each year for their fur. Dog fur products are often marketed under misleading product names including gae-wolf, sobaki, Asian jackal; cat products are often sold as wildcat, goyangi, and ketzenfelle.

The animals are killed by hanging, beating, stabbing, bleeding to death, or drowning with gallons of water pumped down tubes in their throats, and they are often skinned while still alive. Before their deaths, these dogs and cats are kept in deplorable conditions without adequate heat, food or water, and are forced to witness close-up the violent killing of their fellow animals as they await their own turn to die.
Isn't it just appaling!
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That is horrible!!! It made shivers go down my spine!!! I hope they can put a stop to it!!!!
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I know what you mean. Saw a documentary once on this very thing... by the end of the show I was in tears and about sick to my stomach. Some humans... just shaking my head over here, the callousness and uncaring that some people display. It's sickening.
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That is awful. I really can not understand and comprehend how people could do such a thing. I've always thought - how would they feel? But they are not the kind of people to put their feet in someone else's shoes, are they?
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That's a very good point Marie, they obviously just don't care, and would never put theirselves in the position of caring. How sad.
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