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Is it wrong...

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to dream about people that have died? I've caught myself dreaming of someone a lot lately because my relationship has been nothing but arguements for the last few weeks... It's like I dream about this person to get my mind off the problems because I was happy with this other person who is no longer a live... But then I get really upset because its almost as if I compare them to each other in my head.. I've been with my boyfriend for what will be 5 years in January.. I met this other person while we took a break away from each other and he passed away unexpectedly... I just get upset keeping it all in.. Is it wrong to feel the way I do?
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I think it's alright. I mean, you miss someone who you'll never be able to talk to again. It's probably just your unconsciousness trying to resolve the issue about his death.
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That would be incredibly hard...of course its not wrong
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I don't think it's wrong. I have dreamed, along with other members of my family, about my closest auntie who died 6 months ago. I actually think it's comforting.. it's almost like seeing her again.. the dreams are so vivid. Maybe it's her spirit telling me she's now alright?
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Why should it be wrong? You can't control dreams, so why worry? Of course his passing is deeply sad and of course you're going to be affected by it. There will always be a "what if?" feeling there, but you are with your boyfriend, and you love him. You will always love them both.... just in different ways. You're not comparing them at all.
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