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Herding cats

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I finally did it. I went to Home Depot this morning and got a roll of poultry wire, some tie wire, and a big piece of lexan vinyl window material. I moved Cabela's old dog pen up against the house in front of the cat's room window. I used plastic zip ties and tie wire to cover the run in poultry wire, used some plastic shelving to give them a way up to the window, and then, replaced the screen with a piece of lexan. That way, I still have both the inner and outer thermal windows in place, and can raise and lower them both. I had cut a hole in the lexan for a pet door, and have pieces of the "tupper lair" inside for them to get up to the window.

The tribe was very cautious at first, this was something really, really new. But after about 30 minutes, it was a hit. It looked like the corral at a cat rodeo outside.

The sun set a couple of hours ago, and it has started getting cold. Time to close the window. I still didn't have the pet door put in, so I was going to have to go into the run from the outside, shoo everyone inside, and close the window.

Well, by the time I got inside and back into the room to close the window, at least 3 of the little bandits and jumped back outside. After trying the same trick 3 times, I finally had to come inside, close the window, and sit there, playing doorman, letting them in one at a time as they came to the window.

I have GOT to get that pet door in tomorrow.
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Oh, wow! That's the kind of thing I'd like to have for my cat herd (when I get one) - a covered, protected outdoor shelter forthem so they can safely enjoy fresh air.
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I'd love to see pictures of it!!
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Well trained, aren't you?
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We need pictures in the picture forum!
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