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Originally Posted by beturtlement View Post
Heh.. actually, and surprisingly, Niko tries /not/ to wake me up.
Any chance you wanna trade cats?
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patchy slaps me across the face and yowls until i gegt up to feed her. if i make the mistake of going potty first, she comes in the bathroom and jumps in my lap, yowling and slapping me. about a yr ago, i put the pillow over my head and pretended i was still sleeping. she stuck her head under the pillow and realized i was awake, so she straddled my pillow and tried to suffocate until i HAD to get up
chloe is pretty good about letting me sleep.
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Taco and Lilly are really the only ones that wake me up. Lilly will walk around the room howling as loudly as she can. If that doesn't get my attention, she will jump on me and rub against my face until I get up and feed her. Taco wakes me up by either licking/biting my hair, or "petting" my face and ear.
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Loud purring in ear or face while wet nose touches me normally on my eyelids, then the paw comes up and touches any skin showing, if I roll over face down and bury my head he pushes his paw under me to find skin, if I still ignore him he uses his claws in a gentle manor, and then he will start to meow and purr even louder,

The other morning I awoke with mellows head on my pillow next to mine and his paw in my hand, I guess he must have been trying to wake me up and in my sleepy state I just held onto his paw LOL

If our alarm clock goes off, Mellow runs at it, and meows, if we turn it off and stay in bed it he continues to meow very loudly!

Meloow wakes us up even if he has food and water, he just wants to play, once we are moving around the bedrooom he sits and meows at our closet door which is where da bird is kept until we open it and let him pull out the toy lol
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If Kitty is hungry ( when isn`t he?! ) he jumps up and meows really loudly right in my ear
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Sohni employs all of the same moves. Usually he'll start by laying on the pillow above my head, and knead with his claws into my scalp. If that doesn't work he'll maneuver his body as close to my face as possible and reach out to touch my cheek. If I haven't kept up with claw clipping this actually hurts. Following this he'll lay on my arm, flip himself upside down and purr as loud as he possibly can. The silly cat won't move when I do get up however, he just lays in between me and the edge of the bed looking at me until I physically pick him up and dump over the edge of the bed so I can get up.
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Greta will lick my face and rub her head in my beard. Misty lays down on me, regardless of the position I am sleeping in, and stares at me and does the occasional meow.
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Originally Posted by Nimbus View Post
Your kitties are so cute and I love that they have pretty names from Kingdom Hearts!

Haha thanks! When my boyfriend got Kairi, he loved Kingdom Hearts so he named her after the character. When we moved in together and got Namine, he knew he wanted to name her after another character. I love their names. Their cute and unique names, not names that other people have.
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If I sleep in to late for our cats, most of them are good and don't make a big stink out of it. Jazz on the other hand, will rattle the door and meow until I get up and feed them all. My RB baby, Marbles, would at 5:30 in the morning sit on my chest and purr loudly and doing a "brrrr" sound until I paid attention to him. Man, I miss him SOOOOOO much.
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angel cat gets up on the bed
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Originally Posted by mezlo View Post
Any chance you wanna trade cats?
*giggles!* Not for all da moolah in the world. :P
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