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What do your cats do to get your attention in the morning?

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I'm curious to hear what other cats do to get you to respond to them in the morning. Junior has a set routine which he knows will always work.

First, he meows for a bit. While this wakes me up, I usually ignore it. He will then box my bedroom door (like a boxer using a speed bag). If I still don't respond he will jump on my dresser and box a poster on the wall. This makes a slightly louder noise than the door. If I still don't respond, he will jump on the bed and box the miniblinds behind the headboard. This is of course the loudest of the 3 surfaces and I will almost always turn over and tell him NO!. Of course, Junior just sees it as a reaction from me, which is what he wanted in the first place.

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This morning Quill was playing with his toy tiger. He likes to grab it by the scruff and fling it down the stairs. Then he thunders down the hall, meowing at the top of his lungs looking for his tiger. That's one of the many ways he wakes me up
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Both of mine meow, claw the door, then jump at the door knob, and find something to knock over.
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Linus brings his toys into bed, Sassy sits as close as he can staring at me and Pixie tries to groom my hair.
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Possum will hit the blankets near me to tell me her wants them lifted so he can crawl under them and sleep next to me. Sometimes he will lay down then immediately get back up and then repeat the process. I usually wear my hair in a ponytail while sleeping and Possum will also sometimes try to attacck it with his mouth and paws. So not pleasant. I can't tell if he's going after my hair or my ponytail holder.

Loki usually ignores me and lets me sleep. Sometimes, though, he'll whine and cry loudly. Also, he likes to go under the quilt, but over the sheet laying on me. He will then attack and bite my legs, feet, and toes through the sheet with a vengeance. I try not to let him do this too much. He's lucky he doesn't get kicked, involuntarily or not.

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Ophelia, if I've gotten up and DH is still asleep, will go over, get onto his chest, stare at his face, begin patting his nose and cheek with her paw, and when he opens an eye, begin her soft "ack" meow that she does.

Frankie, if she wants lovings (which she does when he goes to bed and just before he gets up) marches up the length of the bed to his shoulders, and meows (one of the few times she will speak). She also gets a look on her face and her walk is more of a sashay (honest, I'm NOT exaggerating...it's the "Frankie wants love" walk).

Alix if she does anything, looks at you earnestly and gives her trumpet meow (that cat is LOUD).
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Originally Posted by Pat & Alix View Post
Ophelia, if I've gotten up and DH is still asleep, will go over, get onto his chest, stare at his face, begin patting his nose and cheek with her paw, and when he opens an eye, begin her soft "ack" meow that she does.
Molly does this to DH in the morning. Once he opens his eyes, he is done for. When he ignores her, she sits on his alarm clock knowing he will keep checking the time.

She also sticks her paw out and very lightly touches his face. We call it the "I'm not touching you" game cause she really isn't but one piece of fur.
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Walk across sleeping human. Pat gently on face. Purr into ear. Quite effective.
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my Bobby meows at the door louder and louder and then hangs off the door handle while Mitsy pushes and opens the door.
If we lock it though they just keep tryin and trying until i let them in, then they come and lie on your chest and purr.

i'm glad they dont do this.......
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If my bedroom door is closed she'll box on door next to the door into my bedroom (it's a walk in closet and the door is loose in its hinges so it makes a loud noise).

Another favourite is to drag toys into the bed, leave them by my hand. Then meow softly and poke me in the face, with ever increasing amount of claws the longer I stay unresponsive.

Then there's being purry and licking my forehead and cheeks.

Or being naughty and scratching at the curtains. She does that only to wind me up. I.e she'll sit in the window sill and do a: "scratch scratch scratch" pause, look at me, see if there's a reaction "scratch" then as soon as I sit up she considers the game won and runs full speed out of my bedroom. I usually close the bedroom door then (if I don't shell continue with the curtain scratching) but then she does the boxing thing I mentioned first.

Having listed all this usually I sleep all the way through and like today I woke up at 11am and she hadn't woken me at all. She usually only starts with her thing around 10min before my alarm clock goes off so it's not too bad now at all.
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Depending on how deeply I'm sleeping, Stanley ranges from the "spiny head massage" (get on pillow, begin to purr and knead on my scalp), to motor speedway (attack Bella and chase each other over sleeping humans) to my least favorite...knock stuff off the night stand.

The third one is a test of wills between feline and human. I refuse to get up unless he's chewing on something dangerous or breaks something. I'm determined not to teach him that works

Bella is generally a good girl, she just gets up on my pillow and purrs
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Our three neutered boys, Itsy, Impact and Titan all sleep in the bed with us.
They wake up in different stages but all within 15 mins of each other.
Then the fun (for them) begins.

1. Jump on dresser and play with metal drawer pulls. They never do this any other time of the day.

2. Leap from dresser to bed and back. Repeat often.

3. Dig through covers until they are in between the comforter and the sheet, then attack anything that moves.

4. Run from the bedroom at full speed into the living room, jump on cat wheel and run at maximum speed. Fly off the cat wheel, crash into something, then run back into the bedroom and race across the bed. Stomping all over us must earn extra points in their game.

I can only take all this for about 20 minutes, so no matter how tired I may still be, I get up, much to their delight.
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Hes only bad on weekends, it usually starts with him getting off the bed and jumping from bed to dresser to bed, then going and knocking things around in the kitchen and living room. He knows this stirs me a little. Sometimes, if it doesn't, he'll jump on the bed and stare at me, and give me a kiss. If I roll over after that, he goes for the drawers. He'll open one or two knowing I'll roll over and shut them. Then he goes for opening the closet door, which he knows is a no-no (even though he goes in daily when I'm not home) and that's the last straw. I'm usually up after that, and he's won. It's a good thing, given my way, I'd sleep til noon on weekends, but he has me up by 9 the latest.
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Forrest sleeps between my legs and when he wakes up he immediately crawls up and kisses me on the nose. From there it's onto my pillow where he starts to pull and chew on my hair. This usually just makes me pull the covers over my head.

Since I'm ignoring him, he'll then start with the talking...and more talking. I use earplugs to drown out my husbands snoring so his meows get ignored. His last resort is to jump up into my potted palms by my bed, stand up in them and shake the fronds wildly. He knows this always gets me up to at least yell at him. The little devil has learned that if he looks emotionally crushed that I've yelled at him that I will feel guilty and get up. He can make himself look so forlorn and I'm always a sucker for it.

Lilly sleeps through all of this morning ritual and usually only wakes us throughout the night to be petted.
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Danny will leap onto the bed beside me with an inquisitive little "Brrr?" If that doesn't work he will hook his paw along the side of my nose and pull my face away from the pillow.
My Rainbow Bridge kitty Snowy would pat my eyelids or stick her nose in my ear!
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Namine is usually the one to wake me up in the morning. It usually starts at 4:30 or 5:30 in the morning. She very lightly scratches on the door frame, not enough to leave marks, but to be very very annoying. She does it on and off for awhile until someone gets up to feed her and Kairi.
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My lil ones usually lick my nose or purr loudly in my ears...then they burrow down under the blankies and meow till I get up
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fiona wakes me up about 30 minutes before my alarm goes off to cuddle and thats pretty much it.

my last cat would yowl and scream till someone fed her at 4am. needless to say fi doesnt get fed wet food in the am
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She meows in the morning to get our attention and we usually give in cuz she lets us sleep through the night.
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Mattie tries to wake me up to feed her. She licked my face once but mostly just mewos and paws at me. I love waking up to kitties.

Chloe usually is jumping all over you and licking you.
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ya pierre just makes Meaowwwwwww noise till he find the milk box filled.

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Wesley likes to get ontop of the head board and jump off onto my stomache! He does it almost every morning. He usually does it when he wants something! Sox lays by my face and licks it or bats me with her paws until I open my eyes or rol over. Then if I move she begins to purr quite loud!
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Ahhaha, I've loved reading the above stories!

When I first got them, mine used to wake me up between 4 and 5 am every day through a double-teaming purr event: Alex would start by curling up on the pillow smashed against my face and Evie would follow by sitting almost entirely on top of the top of my head. Then they would purr as loudly as their little bodies would allow. The funny thing is, I sleep so hard that my boyfriend was usually the one to wake up first!

Now they're both pretty good. Alex licks my nose, but that's so cute I don't mind After I pet his head for a minute he curls up and goes to sleep with me. Evie waits for the alarm clock and then immediately jumps up to say good morning.
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When meowing, running across us, and patting my face doesn't work, Jamie sticks his front paw in my mouth. That's very effective!
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Heh.. actually, and surprisingly, Niko tries /not/ to wake me up. He doesn't meow when I'm asleep, or even if he thinks I'm asleep. Some mornings he'll jump on the bed and cuddle up against me, but he usually joins me and purrs himself to sleep. Once, I was kinda-sorta already awake, but I wanted to just lie there, and he carefully got up on the bed, walked behind me (I sleep on my side) and leaned over my neck to peek at my face- staring to see if I was gonna move or something. When he was satisfied that I was asleep, he curled up behind my knees and groomed himself. *giggles*
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Beauty will sit at the bottom of the stairs (she doesn't like coming upstairs) and keep watch until I come downstairs at 8am.
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Riley doesn't bother me until the alarm goes off. I hit the snooze and that is his cue to start getting me up He starts swatting at my cell phone charger cord that is plugged in next to my bed and swatting around this little beaded string attached to something on my dresser which seems to always be hanging over the edge in the mornings somehow..

Once I get up he follows me into the bathroom and sits on the edge of the tub between the shower curtains during my shower. Once I get out, he does his best to trip me going down the stairs and races into the kitchen for his breakfast, which he will them promptly turn his nose up at. Then he sits next to me, trying to dip his paws in my cereal bowl while I eat my breakfast. Once I'm done, he gets one lick of milk then goes back to eat his own breakfast while I go upstairs to get dressed.

That is our morning routine
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Originally Posted by steffie View Post
i'm glad they dont do this.......
My Oliver is pretty much like that, except that he doesn't need a baseball bat, he would just sit right on top of my face which can be equally deadly!!
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Nimbus is such a good kitten! He tends to go to sleep and wake up whenever I do. Sometimes, if I sleep in later than usual, he will walk up beside my head and start purring and licking my face. Then, once I'm up, he'll follow me around quietly until I feed him. It's so cute, I love him.

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Originally Posted by yam102284 View Post
Namine is usually the one to wake me up in the morning. It usually starts at 4:30 or 5:30 in the morning. She very lightly scratches on the door frame, not enough to leave marks, but to be very very annoying. She does it on and off for awhile until someone gets up to feed her and Kairi.
Your kitties are so cute and I love that they have pretty names from Kingdom Hearts!
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