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Do Your Cats Watch Tv

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Both Pixie and Linus love to watch tv. Infact they were watching a nature show a little while ago that showed a bunch of lions chasing water buffalo.
Hmmmmm hope they don't get any ideas, guess I better sleep with one eye open tonight..
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Originally Posted by tierre0 View Post
Both Pixie and Linus love to watch tv. Infact they were watching a nature show a little while ago that showed a bunch of lions chasing water buffalo.
Hmmmmm hope they don't get any ideas, guess I better sleep with one eye open tonight..
They seem to.
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Not Junior. While he likes to watch my LCD computer monitor, he completely ignores my TV (which is also LCD).

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They ignore it usually.
The other morning I had the Discovery Channel on while I was getting ready for work, and they had wild animals on there & there were birds & everything & Bayley was creeping around the doorway looking for the birds
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millie will sometimes study the TV and meow at it. she also thinks the cursor on my computer screen is something for her stalk!
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TV is her only companion when she is left alone at home while I'm at work. But she doesn't really pay much attention to it. I guess it's a good thing because watching too much TV can make a cat fat and lazy.
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Princess likes the sound when the tv is turned on/off.
Connor will watch the Animal Channel.
Benson will occasionally watch tv. We have an old cabinet tv in the living room. Ben was amazed by it the first time it was turned on.
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Neither of mine bother with the TV.
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Flynn watches TV, the other three don't.

We bought Flynn one of those DVD's with birds, we put a chair directly in front of the tv so he can sit there and bat at the birdies on the screen.
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My cats typically ignore the tv. However, I was once watching a program about birds on the Discovery Channel and Buster went nuts. He was watching the TV and looking. He also sometimes watched "Barking Mad" on Animal Planet if he was in the mood.
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my 2 seem 2 sometimes, they however did it more when they were kittie's, used 2 try & attack the tele
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Once in a blue moon it seems he's watching, but really, I think he's just watching the rest of the house because he senses something. Sometimes if there is a bark or a roar on Animal Planet or a doorbell on TV, his ears will perk up, but that's about it.

The funny thing was when I was playing Tiger Woods a lot on the Wii, he would look for the birds chirping in the background. And sometimes when I turn the Wii on, he'll make a noise with the sound when the opening screen comes on.
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Oliver's a tv junkie like his mama
Whenever he's going to be in the house alone, Animal Planet is left on for him... I found out in college that if I didn't leave the tv on for him, he'd find trouble to get into while he was alone, haha

He likes watching the birds or mice and other little squeaky critters on those shows... he also like to watch various sports - like football, hockey and nascar... anything were there's a ball or something in motion for most of the game/event
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lol. My kitties will watch TV if thier is alot of movement. My F1 bengal Suka likes to test out his prey drive whenever a PBS nature show or animal planet is on.
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My cat Furball growing up loved Babe the Pig. She would watch it with me and go behind the TV to try and figure out where the animals were and how they got in the TV she also liked bird shows. My last cat Trinity loved to watch Wrestling with my husband. I thin k it was the action and the pyrotechnisc. But she loved it. You would distract her and she would go right back to watching it.
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for some reason, my Silvia loves to watch the news.... it's pretty funny
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Well, Links insn't much of a T.V watcher, but Lexi definetly is!! She sits on the arm of the sofa just looking up at the T.V for ages. And it doesn't matter whats on either!! She'll watch anything.
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I have often heard that cats enjoy watching television - the books I have on cats state that cats are attracted by the movements on the TV screen which they make think are prey!
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Bentley is really my only tv watcher. He really likes the traffic reports on the news. I think it is because of all of the different colors and shapes racing across the screen. My other cats really don't have an interest in the tv.
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Bijou not so much but Mika LOVES Meercat Manor. Hubby puts a chair in front of the TV so she can sit and watch. I have a picture of her doing that so I should download the pictures to our computer and post. It's adorable.
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If I'm watching a movie or something on the computer, they're pretty interested but usually ignore the TV.
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Butzie loves the TV so much that she is always looking to play with the control. And she's a girl!
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Sam is quite a cultured cat and likes to watch countryfile,she used to watch snooker when she was younger,she would sit on top of the TV pawing at the screen as the balls moved about.
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Mine don't watch TV, but they do respond to animal sounds from there or the computer - looking around to see where they come from. They also like to chase the computer cursor.
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Kit occasionally will watch it. Once, I was watching "America's Next Top Model," and there was this challenge where the girls had to pose while jumping on a trampoline... and he was terrified of the jumping. He'd watch, and as soon as they'd jump, he'd do that funny kitten sideways hop backwards, with his back all arched up and his tail puffed up

He also will sometimes try to bat at and play with whatever's on tv, usually if it's music or something with lots of movement.
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pierre usually watches tv.but when we switches off tv there will be a weird noise from pierre.

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Jack's eyes are practically square with the amount of t.v. that he watches
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Our little Shilo girl loves watching TV & watching us play video games. She paws at the TV.
Her head moves back & forth watching the movements.
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It does seem like the cats like to watch TV!
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This is Gabriel, watching a Packers game: he has a front-row seat!

He's one smart cat - what can I say!

Winchester watches TV too sometimes: I have a pic laying around somewhere of him doing it..

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