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Miss Cammie

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Miss Cammie lounging on my Bed looking pretty Lovely

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Awwww....she's just beautiful!!!
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Awww Lois...She's a knockout
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Lois i'd say she looked pretty gorgeous!!
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She is indeed looking pretty lovely, Lois!
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She's so pretty.
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Awww she is so pretty Lois.
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Look at that mane!

She still kinda looks like she wants to eat someone!
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Shes just serious Her is a sweety
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Awww Lois, she's gorgeous
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If Ms. Cammie is Autumn's big sister...what does that make Velle?

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Very lovely indeed Lois
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Oh, Miss Cammie is just so precious! I always love seeing pictures of this adorable girl.
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Awww what a fluffy girl!
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She's gorgeous!
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I love her little mane thingy
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