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I FOUND my kitty!

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Well after 3 weeks my sweet little Tiffany was trapped. She was dropped off this morning. She is so thin and her coat is very dirty but other than that she seems fine.

To others that are out there, don't give up. Keep looking. I went out almost every day calling her. We had 2 traps set up with stinky food in them. We camoflouged (sp?) the traps with lots of brush etc..
Good luck to all the others looking for there lost cats.

Well I will sign off soon to go and fatten her back up.

Thanks to EVERYONE at this great site for the prayers and awesome tips.
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Another happy ending!
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I'm so happy for you.
Give her a big hug from me.
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I'm SO happy for you and little Tiffany!! We do love happy endings around here. Kisses to Tiffany, although I'm sure Mommy has already taken care of those.
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Oh what wonderful news!!! You did good woman! Congrats, now go spoil that baby, she is probably pretty shocky from all of this!
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Very good news to start my morning!! Congrats!!

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so glad she is safe and home! Go enjoy your furbabie! :tounge2:
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This is wonderful! I'm so glad you didn't give up. Good for you! I'm so happy for you. Now I'll bet you will spend the day babying Tiffany, as you should!
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What WONDERFUL news!

Say, who dropped her off and do you think she was taken? Was she just left of your front porch for you to discover or was your door knocked upon? Sorry to ask questions but to really empathise with what you've been going through I like to ask.
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Another happy ending!! That is wonderful. I am so happy for you and for Tiffany!
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Tamme- to answer your question. She was lost at my friends house so she was the one who brought her to me this morning still in her trap. We set the 2 traps every single day and night for 3 weeks straight. I don't think anyone had her because she has lost ALOT of weight. She ate alot today and seems otherwise healthy. She seems very happy to be home.
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Happy happy happy day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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So glad she's home! And I bet she is too.
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I am SO glad to hear she has been found!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm so happy that you found her! I'm sure you were worried sick about her and now you are probably SO relieved! Poor little Tiffany...out there all alone but thank God she has such a wonderful owner who did everything to find her! Good job and Congrats on getting her back!
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Yes indeed, congratulations!
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What fabulous news! I haven't had much time on TCS the past few days (which of course causes painful withdrawal!), but I've kept wondering.... I'm SO SO glad to hear this! Perseverence pays off, and, and, and, and - well - there's just not really words for how great this is!!!

You might want to consider dropping off a stool sample at your Vet. If she's been eating mice or garbage, she'll likely have some parasites that need attending too.... and the longer it goes, the harder it is to fix. I can imagine how difficult it will be for you with eight cats! We have three cats, and it can be really difficult to get the right sample... but if your kitty has worms, it can be very difficult to detect.
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That is fantastic! Did you take her for a check up at the vet?
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thats great
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I haven't taken her to get checked, I guess I better. I'm hoping she is not prego, but if she is that will be ok, I'm just glad she's home.
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I'm late on this, but I'm glad you got Tiffany back! Job well done!
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