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I feel realy sad !!!

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Today it is exactly 5 months since Mi jauw
However I have done everything possible trying to find him he is totally gone. Nobody has seen him anywhere.
This is just one big dispare. I don't know what to do or think anymore.

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Els I am so sorry! It really must be heart breaking! I am lucky that I have never had that happen (touch wood) I feel like I know Mi jauw from working on his picture for your signature so if it's okay I will miss him with you! He really is so handsome and his purrrsonality shines through! I know that you would have done everything you possibly could to get him back as you really are a sweet, kind and wonderful person! I am so sorry your furbaby disappeared!

my feeling are (and I don't know why) is that he may have been taken because of his beauty and that he is in a new home being looked after! He must miss you and the other furbabys though but I feel he is okay! People do some strange things sometimes and catnapping is one of them! They may even have justified it be saying he must have been a stray! He will always be with you in your heart and don't give up hope! Mi jauw may still find his way back! I wish I could say more to comfort you but please know I am by your side and share you pain!

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Sending you a big (((HUG)))

My thoughts are with you.

Never give up though because you just never know...
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((hugs)) I know how bad it hurts. Don't ever give up, you just never know. I will pray that he will return home to you very soon.
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Thanks Leslie, Ghyslaine en KC65 for your support. I can use some hopeful thinking.
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Els, maybe he has a new home now? Maybe someone took him in and kept him? I know it's not nice to do like that, but still...

I hope though too that he would come back to you!
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Ick!! I'm sorry, I guess I missed the part where your cat went missing *hug*.
A lot of my cats growing up mysteriously "vanished" I was alway so sad. But mostly over loosing DC (My first cat) Now every time when I see a big fluffy all black cat I have to do a double take and make sure it's NOT him!

I actually saw a picture of a DLH black cat with one of our state government officials at our local Humane Society in a pamphlet. And the cat looked soooo much like DC!! I started asking everyone "Do you remember this cat, where did he come from, was he male?" etc etc. All they said was the he was in the humane society quiet a few years back and then got adopted by that guy.

So... I still don't know what happened for sure to him.

I don't think I'll ever totally give up hope. I know what your feeling, 5 month for you, and about 5 years for me! It'll stick with yeah.
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Thanks!!!! Leslie and Niina,
Yes it is possible that somebody has taken him because he is beautiful, but then they want to keep him. And in such a case he does not even have to be here around but can be everywhere.
That somebody took him in thinking it was a "stray" I do not believe it because he has a belt with 2 bells and he looks like a pedigree.
My big fear is still "animal testing".
Legal labs get their animals from special places because thet have to be sterile but illegal ones just pluck them from the streets.
If he should be around here, walking free, someone should have seen him or he should have come home by himself, I'm sure of that. So or he is dead or he is locked-in by somebody. But even when he is dead I should have found him by now.
Don't forget he dissapeared in 1 hour time. I went looking for him straight away, because he was never gone.
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You wanted something to give you hope? Read this:

Cat Returned To Owner 7 Years Later

In your case, I hope it doesn't take that long!!

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Originally posted by Russian Blue
You wanted something to give you hope? Read this:

Cat Returned To Owner 7 Years Later

In your case, I hope it doesn't take that long!!

I hope so too, that's a looooong way to go.
But, it gives hope I suppose.
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Your love for your mi juaw is so touching. Most people would have given up, but I know you have continued to look for him. Such love and dedication is rare. God bless you. I hope he comes home!
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I wish I could zoom over and give you a hug, and like Jeanie said, your love for mi jauw is amazing, and that makes you such a wonderful person. Never give up hope!

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I don't have much to add except my hope that your beautiful kitty does come home soon. Catnapping is certainly a possibility, recently one of the members here discovered her cat in someone else's home. Luckily, she got him back. Have you put up posters and checked vets and animal rescue?
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Hai AngelzOO, Jeanie, Kellye and Brenda.
Thank you all for your kind words.
It does good if you notice people are supporting you when you have a bad time.
Yes Brenda I have hang by now about 400 flyers everywhere you can imagine. I have put him also on the Local Cable TV with 2 pages and in the newspaper.And on more then 40 cat related internetsites.
But thanks for the tips.
It's very sweet of you all!!!
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Els, all of your posts about Mi Jauw are so touching. He is such a loved kitty, and he knows that. Brenda is right, though. One member was so distraught when her precious baby went missing and ended up seeing him in the window of a house nearby! He was obviously owned, had a collar and tag, but this man wanted him at any cost and apparently just picked him up off the street and locked him in. She did finally get her baby back home by a fluke of luck (she went to the building he was being kept in, and he had escaped into the common area of the building and he JUMPED into her arms).
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Have you called the local shelters?
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Hallo Els! Even een klein berichtje van mij in het Nederlands... Zo te horen heb je al het mogelijke al gedaan om Mi jauw terug te vinden... helaas zonder succes :-( . Ik zal heel hard duimen in de hoop dat jouw lieve poezebeest toch nog bij je terug komt! Kop op en als je je rot voelt, vooral veel berichtjes plaatsen, heb ik ook gedan toen ik 15 december mijn lieve ventje in moest laten slapen.

(translation so you all know I am not gossiping... : Hello Els! A little message from me in Dutch... By the sounds of it you have done everything possible to try and find Mi jauw... unfortunately without succes :-( . I will keep my fingers crossed that your sweet kitty cat will find his way back to you! Good luck and whene ever you feel bad, just post lots of messages, that's what I did when I had to have my little man put to sleep december 15. )
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Heidi, did that guy you were talking about in your last post, did he ever do anything to your friend to try and get "his" cat back? That's so sad, like "Get your own cat!" I'm so glad the cat jumped into her arms, that must have made her feel SO good.

See, cats know who love them. They just put up that "i don't care" attitude as a front. They really do care. They just don't want you to know that.
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Heidi; Yes I do look in all the windows when I'm passing by the houses. That member Brenda and you are talking about was very very lucky and I'm realy glad for her/him.

Tigger; I am in constant contact with Vets, shelters animal protection sites etc. etc. I think I drive them crazy.

Eclips; Bedankt voor je bemoedigende woorden en sorry dat je je lieve katje hebt moeten laten inslapen, dat moet heel moeilijk zijn geweest. Hoop dat je er inmiddels een beetje vrede mee kan hebben.
Tanks for your encouragement. I'm very sorry that you had to put your dear kitty to sleep. I hope you can have some peace with it by now. It's very difficult I know!

Tamme; I'm sure cats know that they are loved and they do care! I'm sure Mi Jauw knows that I love him but I also know that he loves me. We had a very special bond. I also know that IF he has the opportunity he will absolutely come home.
But in the mean time I keep looking for him.

Thank you all for being so kind and caring, it realy makes me feel a bit better.
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I am so very sorry to hear you have not found Mi Jauw yet!!! *hugs*
I know just how you feel. My German Shepherd has been missing since August and we think someone stole her, and my little mixed breed dog, Scruffy has been missing for a couple weeks now.
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Oh Debby that's terrible!! To loose one is bad enough but to loose two is a nightmare.
I pray for you that both will come back to you safely.
A very big hug!
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