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Did I confuse the system?

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According to my public profile, I joined on November 1st. I'm not sure that's correct (seems to me it was later than that, but that's what my profile says). I have 457 posts as of this post, and Alpha Cat is under my username at this point in time.

I should have full Adult Cat status, correct? However, I don't have the additional avatars, inbox space, or posting access to IMO.

Did my post count confuse the system? Or am I confused?
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I'll have the admins take a look at it. It does look like the status is out-of-whack.
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Thanks... I figured that might be what it is. I've been known to be even more prolific than this on forums, but very *very* rarely when I first join. I'm a tad embarrassed, to be honest
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I know with mine is said I had adult cat as soon as I got to 100 posts but I had to wait until after the 30th day for it to show the options - it sometimes takes the system a while to catch up after the 30th day / 100th post
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Your written status goes up with the post count. But the full status of each will only happen with both. So you have Alpha Cat staus because of your post count, but you've only just become a 30day member, so you'll only just get the Adult Avatars. The system will need to catch up when it comes to the length you have been a member. Remember all the different time zones it has to get through for a day to end.
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I hadn't thought of the time zones

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