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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
I'm going to Walmart today and on my list of things to buy is a spray bottle. I don't usually advocate spaying water at animals, but in this case I'd rather spray a stream of water than keep throwing things at her.
A bit of water on their butt always gets their attention. Once they realise the water bottle is annoying, you can just put it on mist, and they recognise the sound of the bottle spraying and stop (depends on how had of hearing Chynna is though!).
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We let Silvia roam through most of the house at night, so she rarely gets into our room to wake us up. But she goes nutts in the morning when she hears us wake up to get ready for work.
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If the bobcats stay out all night (in their secure enclosure) I get to sleep in, especially with Aurora. Aurora loves to keep me sleeping by snuggling and purring. But, if the bobcats are in the house, they will not let me sleep past 5am
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I wonder if it has a lot to do with free feeding or not. When I used to leave food in her bowl at all times, I don't remember her waking us up. Ever since I started rationing her food a few years ago, she can't wait for breakfast.

Although this morning, she had me up at 4 a.m. so I fed her. Then when the alarm went off at 5:45 a.m., she heard it and wouldn't stop meowing. She knows that means we will be getting up right away, and I think she just gets bored. But it's funny. Once we get up, she goes back to bed!
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Zane is such a lazy lump that it is more a matter of my letting him sleep thorough the night. If I have to go to the bathroom, I have to be careful not to disturb him when I get up--and often when I come back he hasn't moved.
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Gosh, it must be hard to sleep with all these naughty cats!!!
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Kit is pretty good. He knows that when we shut the light off, his humans are down for the count, haha. We usually leave the bedroom door open a crack so he can come and go as he pleases, which seems to work, as far as him letting us sleep. Occasionally, he'll get a hold of one of his noisy bell-ball toys and start batting it around the (wood-floored!) bedroom or hallway, which will wake us up. He does eventually come in to sleep with us, usually either by our feet, or cuddled up to my fiancee, who he adores, haha.

After reading some of the other posts in this thread, I realize how blessed I am!
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Like Lisalee, I am a restless sleeper. If I stir, then Butzie wants some loving. If I get up to go to the bathroom, then she comes in to supervise and watch the toilet flush.
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Kaylee likes to curl up next to my head after I'm asleep. I wake up and think it's cute and don't want to move her, but it's hard to breathe with a cat butt in my face, so I roll over and scoot closer to my husband, but then she'll just move closer and closer until she's basically stolen my pillow. Adorable, but sooner or later the lack of sleep is going to get to me...
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i did not make him to learn like that in his childhood days.actually its not hygenic keeping cats in our bed.the hair of the cat is dangerous and can cause respiratory problems. so that idea is actually a Big No No for me.

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Quill is usually very well behaved during the night .... USUALLY. He wakes me up at around three and begins talking to me or he'll run around the house playing with his straws or tiger or he might just be a little bit lonely and begin biting my hands, arms or feet to wake me up. He did that last night, my big toe was sticking out and he decided it was a big scawwy monster and clawed at it until I relented and finally gave him a big cuddle because that's all he wants sometimes.
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My two monsters are indoor / outdoor cats and if the weather is fine they get up and play in the garden around 5am. If the weather is bad or we're keeping them in for some reason (they were spayed and neutered last week), they start chasing each other around the house from 5am or earlier and climb everything in my bedroom, play fight and yowl at each other on the floor etc. I don't mind this when I'm working, as I work nights and my brother is a heavy sleeper - but it's a bit hard to be woken up at 5 am on your days off and usually means I end up getting up very late as I naturally fall back to sleep around eight or so. The cats have usually succeded in getting breakfast out of me first...

I'm hoping they'll grow out of it...
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Tosh, Oreo and Snickers let me sleep through the night but they are well trained. Jazz, whom we have had for only a couple of months, is not so well trained yet and he wakes me up several times during the night by rattling the door and meowing. The other three get very annoyed by him and wonder why the new guy won't just sleep at night like you are suppose to.
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Most nights they are fine. Every once in a while they want attention or something. It probably helps that they don't sleep in the bedroom with us. But they are good if I nap on the couch too.
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