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Kitten urine probs

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Hello. Well here's the story.

My almost 6 month old kitten was peeing out side of the box and I read on the net that could mean it hurts when he pees because he's associating the box with pain. So we took him to the vet to rule that out and in his pee she said she found crystals, white blood cells and red blood cells. So to fix this all she gave us was this special canned food but it's for adult cats so to get the protein a growing kitten needs we have to give him 3 quarters of a can 3 times a day.

Now does this sound right to you guys?

My mom thinks he needs antibiotics and I should take him to another vet. She thinks he's too young to have crystals and just has a urinary tract infection. Hence the white blood cells.

Money is sort of tight right now so I'm worried if I pay for the second advice they'll just tell me the same thing. That's why I'm here.

Thanks for any input!
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Just looked at the food they gave me and it has 2.3% ash, 0.1% phosphorus and 0.02% magnesium. They 3 things they told me causes crystals...
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Yes total ash ( which is the mineral content ) plays a role calcium , phos and magnesium also play a role

I would suggest a different vet to recheck since the dr didnt seem to explain to what is going on
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What food did they give you? Did they say it would be for life? I'm really suprised that you were not sent home with a round of Clavamox. You could ask your current vet for anitibiotics. I don't see how they could deny it..it's the correct protocol. Once the meds are done, or if your kitty does not improve within a couple of days, I would follow up at a different vet and take along a urine sample.
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The food is Prescription Diet Feline s/d.

She wants to keep him on this for 2 weeks and then have another urine sample to see how it's going. She said once it's all cleared up she'll tell me which food to buy which will probably be the Science food. And then she advices I get a urine sample done every 6 months.

Also they're making us wait till the last possible second to get him neutered. It's usually 4-6 months right? Well he's going to be 6 months in just 3 days and because it's the holidays they said they probably wont be able to get it done till January. I hope he doesn't learn how to spray before then. My mom said her vet fixed all her cats around 4-5 months old because she said they start to spray around 6 months.

I'm all confused now. I have a bad feeling about this vet. But then again I don't know much about cat health and maybe she is doing the right thing for him.
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The vet here usually puts cats on anti-biotics if there are crystals present just as a safety precaution. I honestly would get another opinion.

As for neutering, the younger the better, IMO. Just watch him, he may want to escape outside more. I wouldn't worry that much about spraying as long as you get him neutered as soon as you can. However, my vet wouldn't do any surgery on an animal if they had a UTI/crystals. So I am not surprised they won't neuter him now.
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