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So What Are Your Saturday Plans

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I have a pretty busy day ahead.
The snow has finally stopped and it is nice and bright out, but boy is it

Heading off to work shortly, tonight is the Christmas Party, so will spend most of the day preparing for that.
We don't have a huge noisey party, just a buffet, give out a few gifts, have a couple of drinks and everyone is home before 10.

Need to do some grocery shopping so may sneak out after lunch to do that.
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hmm,clean i dont get time to do that during the week.
so we have a sink of diry dishs and clothes piled up
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So far my Saturay plans consist of trying to get John up. He wants to go somewhere (but doesn't know where yet), but he also doesn't want to get up. We'll probably end up either going to Goodwill or go look at a car or something.

After we get back we're going to work on cleaning up the basement some more and hanging drywall.
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Well we're stuck inside today. We're having yet another ice storm here in Iowa It's supposed to be worse than our storm in Feb, I wrote a thread about it with some pictures, you should check it out.
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I spent my morning cleaning and re-building my floor cushion (the one the cats had peed on).

Now I'm going to listen to tape 7 of "Modern Spoken Cambodian" and see if I can follow the exercises.

Later on I'll probably go hang out at a little tea shop. I found two in town here that I like... I just have to decide which one I'm going to this time.
Either that or go back to the museum of fine arts. All the exhibits are free these days.
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Tonight is the Backyard Brawl (WVU v. Pitt football for those that don't know)!! I live directly across from the stadium so I may go and tailgate a little bit, but I don't know. My friend's get waaaay too intoxicated and I do not want to babysit tonight.
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Just got back from getting my hair cut, colored and highlighted. I have laundry and cleaning to do...like always. I need to go work out. Then I will come home, make something for dinner, and watch the Redwings game this evening.
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Hmm the excitement of laundry, dirty dishes, catching a few hours sleep then I start the midnight shift at work for a month. =/ Not sure how I"m ever going to get used to the late night schedule.
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I left the house at 9 to ship a package to Germany, went to the store to get a few items, then the german bakery and hit the bank on the way home. I plan on cleaning before I start baking christmas cookies.
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I just got home from work and I'm horribly tired and my leg is throbbing. I got a nice big bite mark and bruise from an english bulldog. Of all dogs to get bit by that one gets me... LOL.
And right now the only thing I plan on doing is laying around the house and relaxing a bit. Tomorrow we are cleaning... a lot... and maybe decorating some.
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I need to go down to the rental office and pay my rent, then go get a payday loan to make sure the rent is covered... LOL

I also need to let them know my heater is not working!!! But they are very fast on getting things fixed. We do have a great space heater that we are going to be using for most of the time anyway.

We are then going to the 99 cent store to pick up a few things. My hubby wants a couple of bottles of wine. I have looked up some of the wine they sell on the internet and it retails for $10+. A couple retailed for over $20!!! And I pay 99 cents!! I will also pick up some eggs and stuff there. If you look, you can find some great deals!!!

Then do a little house cleaning and laundry and rest for the rest of the weekend.
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We got the Christmas Tree last night, so today are decorating the house inside. Its snowing all day so nothing will be done outside (other then shovel maybe)
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Tonight is my work Christmas party. It is my first year there, so I am not really sure what they do.

During the day, I am just going to clean a bit and watch some tv probably.
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I just got back from getting my hair cut. I'm about to go nap. Then I have to put away my groceries that I bought yesterday. I managed to put away the perishable stuff yesterday but all of the cupboard stuff is sitting in bags on the floor. Then I am going to cook dinner and do my dishes.
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Not much going on here today, slept in late with the kid and just enjoying some time on the computer. I have to stop at the grocery store and pick up a few things and then Will and I are going to walk down to Perkins and get something to eat, then I'll come back and cuddle with the kid.

Tomorrow morning I'm getting up earlier though to get out and enjoy the snow we're suppossed to be getting in the morning. Yay!
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I'm working from 7am today until around 9pm tonight. (i'm on my lunchbreak at the moment!) Today is our city's annual Christmas parade so we're all working overtime getting ready for it! Our shelter's going to have a float and 4 of my coworkers are dressing up in dog/cat costumes and doing a little dance to "oliver & company's" song It's hilarious! I'm going to walk some of the dogs in the parade along with a few other ppl.

I can't wait! We've been getting ready for it all day!
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Well Neil left to go with his brother to look at a tractor (thankfully not for us) and while he was gone I filled three pots with conifer greens. I hauled to the door by the family room about a face cord of firewood (crummy willow) by the door of the family room. Its burns really fast so what I brought up may last about 11 days or so. I tarped one pile of firewood we didn't get stacked yet.

Neil came home and we went to Woodworkers Depot were he picked out several Christmas presents, then a kitchen store for me for only a couple items!!

We have Neil's christmas party in Green Bay tonite and debating if I should wear pants vs a skirt due to the winter snowstorm. Probably will be a last minute decision!!

So on on the computer for a bit yet then will have to start the process of beautifing myself .
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I'm working on a final, and then my friend is having a party where we each wear a costume designating a country for a 'UN' theme.
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Looks like today is the day to get hair cut/colored, me too.

All the leaves have finally fallen, we did the last bag and a half today. Snow/sleet/ice for tomorrow, so we got done just in time. We had a new boiler put in a week ago, just in time for that too! Sunny and 34 today with wind, brrrrr.

Putting the tree up tonight, we got a revolving stand for it this year. I'm stringing popcorn/cranberries while the DH drags it all out of the attic.

Tomorrow is the village tree lighting, and afterwards hot chocolate with Santa at the firehouse.

I love this time of year.
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Well, it's 8.30pm for me now.

Firstly, laundry, dishes, bathroom, bedroom. Big clean-up.

I've been out to buy a new Christmas tree, the base wasn't very big on our one last year and Ziggy kept knocking it over. Then we put up the decorations

Shopping was delivered this morning so we finally have food in the house. That's about it, we've watched a couple of DVD's today aswell.
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This morning I got up at around 9-ish because I was going to get my hair highlighted at 10am, and then I eventually came out of there at about 1.30pm! Anyway, then I came home for dinner and then it was horseriding

Then I went to my nans and then home for the X factor etc what fun lol
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Let's see - I've made two trips to the cable company to exchange cable boxes. The people from Circuit City came this morning to install the new TV. I started to put a few Christmas decorations up outside. We took my parents out to lunch and now my nephew is over checking out the TV. I'm getting ready to pack all the fall decorations away.
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Got up this morning around 9AM and made a trip to mail my brothers birthday present to him. We were supposed to go back home to my parents this weekend to get our new chair that just came in, but due to the winter storm we're having, we decided not to go.

The blower motor went out in my car today, so that means I had to leave it at the shop until Monday There's no way I could drive it w/ this weather & not have it. Blah. Not what I wanted right before Christmas!

Came home and wrapped a few Christmas presents until I ran out of wrapping paper Now I'm on the couch, cuddling with Bayley watching the huge snowflakes falling outside
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I had planned to go to the post office and mail some cards (going internationally) and then to the license bureau to ask about next year's license plate.

However, I tripped as I walked into the bathroom and fell - landing against our tub. I expect I will have bruising on my knees, shins, and chest and it jarred my back really bad. The same back injured in my auto accident last year.

I did manage to get my SS items together and have them mostly wrapped and packed.

I also have spent some time playing with Aristotle and his wand toy (ow, my shoulder and neck).
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I am not going anywhere tonight. I just go home from work about 15 minutes ago. The weather by me is horrible. It was snowing earlier and now we are getting freezing rain. I almost fell getting out of my co-workers car earlier. I have ice stuck to my windows of my residence. It took my co-workers 20 minutes to get the ice thawed off their winshields. It was too thick to scrape off. The hubby is cooking dinner tonigh. I am going to take a hot shower and then I am going to do laundry. Later I will read or watch tv.
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Going to my Christmas party for work. I just finsihed baking some Snickrdoodles and M&M cookies(both from scratch) and Trav is making kielbasa bites to take. But now I'm worried to drive home. It's in Strongsville which is about 15 minutes away but they are considered the snow belt and they get hit hard with snow. So we shall see....
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Ooo Snickerdoodles are yummy!

We just went shopping for more holiday decor and what not. Getting ready for some jerk chicken .
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Errr...that's what I did. Now of 12 people we're down to 3

And I FINALLY got a hair cut. So much better
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Well, we have a birthday dinner tonight, postponed from the actual day (which was last Friday) because of other (fun) events. Guests coming about 7; meanwhile, dessert is in the fridge chilling, and in an hour or so I'll pull the roast from the fridge to start coming up to room temp, and start thinking table/settings/ etc. -- and in the crevices I get to play here. There's a dusting of white stuff on the ground and teaser flakes falling, and the weatherman was talking about more later. It sounded like a considerable (for us) amount, so I've got my that it's lots later and/or not as much as predicted.
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I just checked the movie schedule at the $2 theater (because I'm cheap and I don't want to pay 10-12 just to go see a movie) and they're playing "Shake Hands with the Devil" I've wanted to see that movie but missed it when it was at the regular theaters.

So guess what I'm doing tonight!!
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