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Cat needs fresh air or not

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We have a 3 1/2 year old male nuetered cat in the house. He has NEVER been outside. He is always at the front door watching the leaves and grass blow by and there is a bird feeder in front he watches. His window in the laundry room also has a bird feeder in front of it. I know the cat would really love to go outside. I would even stay with him the entire time. I would have to move if I let something happen to this cat. Anyway, should I carry this cat outside so that he can enjoy being a cat or not? Seems kind of cruel to me to never let him outside.
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We carry our cat outside with us once in a while. The cat may get scared at first (even though they really seemed like they wanted to go outside when they were inside), so you want to be careful so it can't jump out of your arms. Standing in the threshold of the doorway may be a good start to see how the cat reacts.
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We have a harness and a lead and during the summer we brough Tsar out a few times. She gets scared by cars and a little weary of other animals, so its definitely best to make sure you have a good hold on your cat, and a harness. When I study on our patio she seems to think I'm "trapped" and scratches at the window so I would let her out tied to my table. She was always too afraid to get off of the table though haha. Now that it's winter she sniffs at the doorway and the snow on the patio, but we NEVER let her out for more than a minute or two, and NEVER without having some kind of hold on her. I think its best if she is aware of her outside surroundings incase she does escape, and she's so interested from the window .
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If you have the room and money, you could build an outdoor enclosure for your cat. It doesn't have to be expensive or fancy, as long as there is enough room for him to play a bit, furniture to climb/scratch and that it is secure so he can't escape.

The harness is a good idea, but a warning that not all cats like it. If your kitty is next to a fly screen with the window/door open fresh air will flow in and they like sitting there.
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Cats to not need "fresh air". However, I was at Petsmart today and they have something called a Cat Veranda ($99). You put in it in a window. There is a cat flap for the cat to go through and then he is in a "mini-cage" outside. He gets fresh air and stays safe.
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