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Is this spooky?

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I fitted a cat flap when we first got Amber and Milo, one which is activated by the magnetic tab on their collars. After a few weeks they both lost them, so instead of buying two more which at the time we could not afford I set the cat flap on open both ways. It has been like that for about 6 months or more. All was ok untill about 5 weeks ago when another cat was coming in and taking food, then it got to the stage that when it came in all hell broke lose. Last Friday was when we lost our baby Amber, so on the Saturday morning I purchased two more collars and magnets for Milo and Minnie Moo. This is the strange part, I have just come back upstairs to the computer after making myself a cup of tea and there in the middle of the floor is Ambers old collar complete with magnet. Since finding it I have been in and out of the room a couple of times and it sure wasnt there then.
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WoW, that is definitely weird
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Me thinks that as well. my computer is in the spare room, all it has is a bed and my computer desk, the room has been cleaned loads of times since losing those collars so its not like we would not have spotted it. Like its a week today we lost Amber. I am not trying to surmise anything but it just seems odd
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That's pretty spooky, but definitely neat. I'm sorry to hear about Amber.
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Its neat alright, kinda coooooooool as well If you read up on the Egyptions and how they percieved cats, it is interesting mystical powers is something we dont understand fully
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Could one of your cats have found it somewhere and carried it into the room/played with it because of the familiar smell?
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Well thats what I thought. I dont believe it just appeared there, that would probably get the men in white coats knocking on my door if I shouted that out aloud As Milo was the second kitty we got after Amber and had the strongest bond with her I suspect it could have been him
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I think that's kinda sweet Whatever the explanation - supernatural or otherwise - it's comforting to think back on some nice memories that the collar has sparked. And I'm sure wherever she is, Amber is watching out for you.

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That is really wierd.
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