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Can you get your strays to do this?

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When you first look at these picture's, your first thought probably is these are pictures of my cats in my house, but you'll be shocked to know these are actually 3 of the strays I feed, and they live outside.

I did not pick up or bring these cats into my house, I didnt even lure them in with food, all 3 of these cats will voluntarily come into my house if I open my back door, and are perfectly relaxed inside my house.

It's a shame though I havent found anyone who would even consider adopting one, either someone has enough cats already, or doesnt want anymore. And as of now it costs too much to use a rescue for them all who requires I pay for all sorts of tests before they would even consider accepting these cats.

If only it were as simple as "these cats actually WANT to stay inside a house with people, shouldnt that be enough for someone to want them?"

A little history on each cat:

1st cat, Buttons:
Buttons was born outside, and at first afraid of people. Her sister was very friendly with people and would always come in my house. Then she dissapeared, and then Buttons warmed up to me and invites herself in my house quite often to this day, she is the most relaxed in my house, as you can see here she is sleeping.

2nd cat, Squeaky:
Squeaky was also born outside. She was caught as a young kitten in hopes of socializing her and her brother and sister, but after 2 months of trying she couldnt be handled and was afraid of people. Then she was released back into my yard, and soon she bonded with me and also came inside my house, soon I was able to pet her and play with her as if I knew her forever. Here you can see her silly pose!

3rd cat, Frenchie:
Frenchie appeared in my yard one day after being dumped with his sister on my block. At first I didnt see him or his sister, but soon his sister and him found their way to my yard where I fed them. I have no idea why they were dumped but they are nice looking cats! His sister right away had a great personality and showed no sign of any aggression, and was soon adopted. But at the time Frenchie wasnt neutered and was feral. So I got him neutered and after a few months he started trusting me letting me pet him and get close to him. Now I cant get rid of him, if im outside he follows me everywhere and always begs to be played with and petted. So after being outside he eventually trusted me that he decided he wants to live in a house again, and as you can see he loves the couch!

Here is all 3 of them together.
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I'm sorry it's so hard to find homes for your beautiful cats. I have the same problem. Unless they are less than four months old and purr the moment they are picked up, they are hard to place.

I go to a vet that is considered very low-cost and it costs $45 for the infectious tests. If they are older than three months the spay costs $40 and the neuter $30. The spay/neuter includes all their vaccinations, though.

Last summer I found three kittens in the yard of the apartment building I live in and my daughter spent $135 for the infectious disease tests and $45 to have them vaccinated. We got them adopted through craigslist.com.

Even with the help of a foster-shelter (I am both the rescuer and the foster mother!) it takes a long time. I just recently had one adopted that I had for a little more than a year. Her brother and sister are still with me.

I wish you and the sweet cats you're caring for good luck.
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don't discount them cuz they're adults! obviously these guys were housepets somebody has carelessly dumped. it sucks, but the upside is if they're this comfortable so quickly it means they have good dispositions. there are people out there who want a grown cat. i recently adopted out an adult (albeit young adult) who had a similar behavior (walked in and plopped down on the couch). a lot of times people want a companion for their cat, so keep trying to find them homes. they're all super cute and that longhaired one looks like a show cat! good luck!
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I meant to say all these cats are fixed and vaccinated, so they wont be breeding or fighting.

they're all super cute and that longhaired one looks like a show cat!

I dont think he would qualify, only because he is now neutered and if you look one of his ears was notched (it was because I got him fixed low cost at a place for feral cats and any ferals they notch the ear even though I didnt want it notched) , so he's not "perfectly showing the breeds qualities" I dont think.

That is, unless cat shows allow the cats to have a notched ear and be fixed.

I dont even know what breed he is?
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how cute. it is amazing that they will run into your house. and they
do look like they live there LOL !!

its so good for me to see squeaky ! i hope his brother smokey watches
him and also makes an attempt to come in your house too. that would
be a great sign of him socializing. then if a miracle happens someday
maybe callie would too.

your doing a great job keith. and even though the adopters are not
knocking down your door to take them, like you have already seen its
not impossible for the cats to get to the point where they are totally
friendly and adoptable AND to actually have someone adopt them and
be happy with them. its happened to you twice now so it can happen again.

unfortunately its just awfully slow process to get to that point if ever.
but without you doing this part they would have no chance what so ever.

they all already have it so much better than so many other homeless cats do.

keep up the good work !
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