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Blood in Stool

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I posted back on here back in July and kinda forgot about this site until now. My kitty Otis has had 2 stools that I know of that have had blood in them. He acts fine and he eats just fine and seems to have no other problems. He plays with his new brother Squirt all the time and is very active and just doesn't seem sick to me at all. Its not all the time either its just 2 times that I have noticed. His stool is always really loose and has been for years. We changed food on him once to see if that would help with the smell of it and consistency but It didn't seem to do much. He gets Purina Indoor formula dry cat food. I thought maybe its the food again so I bought some wet cat food to try him on tonight although I hate it I figured if it will make his digestive system better than Ill deal with it. I know its not worms or at least I haven't seen any and I have checked him regularly for them in his ears and rear end and haven't seen anything. I don't think he is sick but I have no idea what else it could be. Anyone have any ideas because I'm lost?

Oh I wanted to add that one time it was before the new kitten came into the home and the second time was with the new kitten here so I don't think its anything that he brought in and I got the kitten from a friend who I know takes great care of her animals.
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If it is just a once or twice occurance it is probably just from stress. If it is an ongoing problem, he will need to see a vet because it could be anything from parasites to digestive problems. If he has always had runny stools, this isn't good either. I would suggest slowly switching him to a sensitive stomach food (Purina makes one), if it keeps up, try an alternative food ingredient. For example, if the sensitive food you buy has chicken as the first ingredient and his stools remain runny, try something different such as lamb ad rice, or venison or something.
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Fresh, red blood in the stool indicates bowel irratation. If it occurs infrequently you probably shouldn't be concerned because all kinds of benign things can cause bowel irratation, such as hair in the stool.

Long term loose stools shouldn't be ignored, IMHO. It indicates incomplete digestion of food and means your kitty isn't getting the full nutritional benefit of his food.

You'll find lots of tips and advice here :


And the thread about the resolution:

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