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Is this a complication or normal?

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My Bengal Mysti was spayed last Thursday. She tore out 3 stitiches but all was fine, no gapping hole. Now it is Tuesday and she has a swollen or knot place about the size of a nickel on her tummy where incision was.

She seems to feel fine, it is not red or inflamed looking, and she is eating very well,etc.

Is some of this normal or should I be concerned? I am a long way from the vet and we don't go back until next Monday.

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To be honest I only had boys and since I will bring Mama cat for spaying on the 17th I would also be interested in the answer. I don't think it's problematic since you don't see swelling, discharge or inflamation. Personally I would call your vet tell them what developed and ask what for their opinion. Good luck
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That is problem I cannot catch my vet.
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do you have an emergency vet in your area?
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I did finally talk to mine this morning. She said most likely is swelling from her pulling the stitches. Ther is no oozing, no redness, does not fell hot to touch and she does not act like it is sore if I gently press there.

My vet said lets see if it goes down by Friday and if not bring her in so we do not get a problem over the weekend.

Thanks, Shirrell
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make sure shes wearing an e-collar!!!

this way she can't see the "hole" and she wont dig at it....

The vet may apply sergical glue if it looks bad enough...
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No dear ladies,

There is no gqapping hole, it looks mending together. I know it is still not healed completely, she does have a collar so she cannot bite at it.

It is the swelling along either side of the incision line I am worried about. It is swollen about 1/3 inch to each side and around the incision.

If she is on her feet it feels soft, if I lift her up on hind feet to look it feels hard in that area.
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Well swollen areas can often feel harder. Depending on what position you are in where you push on it. It swells, it firms the area up past it's normal capacity.

Are you sure your kitty didn't accidently hurt herself down there while you weren't looking once and caused further irritation?

I'm not really sure what you want us to say. I mean... if you say you can't see your vet till friday or monday, nothing we say will make her better. It's between you and your vet if you two feel uncomfortable with how it's healing.

PS: I assume your vet told you this, but take it easy with your cat, no real playing, try not to make her jump around to much, just take it easy until she is healed specially in this circumstance.
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