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The Cat War Is Over!!!!!!!

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Hi everyone!

Thought this was way too good of news not to post!
As some will know my Oldest Male kitty Simba was been very defencive against the new Stray kitty(named Holly not Tinsel now lol)
Anyway it seems that the War is now OVER!
Simba is still hissing abit and growing but NO WHERE near as bad as it was.
He has actualy sat next to her tonight which is like world peace compared to last 3 nights....

My Youngest Male(Gizmo) has taught Holly how to open the cuboard where there treats are..... thx for that Gizmo

Other then afew slight Hiss's they seem to be Ok now.
Just need to sort her poopy problem and maybe baby problem lol
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Oh thats fantastic news! Its always good for the whole house, when peace is restored.

Thats funny about the Gizmo teaching Holly how to open the cabinets. I have a kitty who does that too. So I just make sure there is nothing that could harm him and just let him keep opening. You can find another spot for the treats and put them in an air tight container
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Yippee! I have one who likes cabinets, too. We have child-proof things on all our lower kitchen cabinets.
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Great news! They just have to make up their own mind.

I've found cats love to show other cats "the ropes." Makes them feel in charge of things.
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YAY!! That's great news!

I wish I could get my two squabblers to knock it off, too! Do you have any tips to give?!

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