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Toilet Troubles! HELP!

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Hi everyone!

As alot of you will know I took in a lil female kitty about 4-5 months old.
She was fine first day we got her, Used her tray for both poops and wee's....
Now over last 2 days she has been doing her business at bottom of stairs, on the stairs and in the kitchen....

I keep all 3 litter trays clean for them as I have 2 other cats aswell.
I know it's deff not them cause I have caught her doing it.

Used Detol, Odour Remover, Air fresher, clean spray, antiseptic oil, Odour Be Gone and afew other products at bottom of steps and yet she still goes back there.
She has done this 4 times now and my partner has said if it carrys on we will have to rehome her >.<

I know she uses the tray cause I have seen her take a wee on it today and she was praised very well but then she went and pooped at bottom of stairs afew hours later....
I just cleaned her tray and other 2 and again she went to bottom of steps to do it...

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Do you have trays upstairs and downstairs? Since you have only had her for a few days, and don't know her background, she may just not be used to having a litterbox and will need one on both floors until she gets used to her new surroundings. She may be so excited about having a new home, that she gets confused about where to go. I hope you give her a little more time before considering rehoming her.
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Hey ^.^
Yea theres a litter tray down there too.
I live in a apartment but has it's own private entrance.

Front Door > 3Ft By 3Ft area > 3 steps > Small landing like 3Ft By 3Ft square then like 20 steps to landing which leads onto all the rooms.
On the 3FT by 3FT area(2nd one) is where a spare tray is next to the shoe rail.
Shes been poopin on the first area but can't have a tray there because it will block door but it's 3 steps from the tray area.
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Oh! I see!! Hmmm...have you tried collecting the poop and placing it in the litter box and showing her that there is were she needs to go? Just an idea...I've trained younger kittens that way. And you know, some cats have to have a pee-box and a seperate poop-box.
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lol her poops are like TNT at the moment she's havin a case of runnin poop so can't really move it just clean it up >.<

Hence why I think she might have worms and not pregnant but I still think she could be preggy(check my thread called Pregnant? for pics of her)
Anyway shes been wormed today with Drontal incase.

I don't think shes always been a stray shes timid but also VERY loving.
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I just saw those pictures! She's a babydoll...and she certainly looks pregnant! And her being very loving is a very good clue! Maybe you could just spread some newspapers down until you can get her into the vet. The only other thing I could think of is to confine her to a room with her litter box until she gets used to using it. She is certainly a lucky kitty to have found you!
ETA: Since she does have diarhea, she may just not be able to make it to the box in time. If the diahrea continues, keep an eye out for her getting dehydrated and try and urge the vet to see her sooner!
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I'm actually having this problem now as well. I'm a first time owner and just adopted two cats a little over two weeks ago. They're brothers, one gray and one orange. The orange one has medical issues that may prevent me from keeping him, but he uses the litter box just fine. The gray one, not so much.

I thought the gray one was doing well. He seemed normal other than being a bit timid, where as the orange one has CH and seizures. The orange one had to go to the vets for three days and they almost put him down. So the gray one was alone for a few days. And he used the litter box just fine, or so I thought.

The day before brother came back, he pooped in the cat carrier. And the day after brother came back, someone pooped and later peed in the carrier. And then the next day someone pooped right next to the litter box. I'm pretty sure it's all the gray one. This is because I also caught him peeing on my bed right after bro came back. And then later I found out the gray one had been making "deposits" behind the Christmas tree downstairs. Probably 5-6 times in total. Which is pretty amazing since I've only had them two weeks and a lot of the time they're up in their room and not even allowed downstairs. This ledto an inspection of the house and another deposit found under my roommate's bed. And of course today someone pooped right next to the box again.

Thing is, I know he's used the box plenty. There were several days in the beginning in which he stayed in the room completely or had just small supervised time outside. And I've seen him use it. And of course he had 3 days by himself (when brother was off to the vet) in that room in which somone used the litter box regularly (both pee and poop).

The litter box is a litter robot, so it gets cleaned very regularly. At least 2 times a day, if not more. Since I know he uses it sometimes and since it's kept very clean, I'm trying to figure why he won't use it.

I'm keeping him in the room for a bit to see if he shakes the bad habit. He can't poop around the house anymore at the least. And hopefully he hasn't left presents elsewhere. But any advice for help would be appreciated.
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To be honest i had that problem with my two tom cats back when they prefered to stay indoors. I had to put two litter boxes side by side because tom cats are territorial and ours didnt like having to share.
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Try the newspaper thing and put the poop into the litter tray from that.

Also, put some bicarbinate of Soda down. It's the best dioderiser you can use!!!

Lexi had really bad runny poop when we first got her. She had really bad roundworm, and she couldn't always make it to the litter tray. Does she spend alot of time at the bottom of the stair? If she does, then that could be the case.

And the confining to one room thing is also a good one if things don't improve.
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If you dont clean it with a proper cleaning solution to elimanate all of the smells she may keep going back to the same spot out of confusion, or as suggested keep her in one room. Good luck.
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