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At wits end with pooping and peeing problem

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I got two 3-4 month old kittens for my daughter a month ago and even though they mainly use there litter boxes they still poop and pee elsewhere. At first it was just one area in the dining room, then it became two areas in the dining room and now they picked another area in my closet. They also pooped in a couple odd spots that they have yet to revist. I have tried using vinager for the smell and another product from the pet store with enzymes but its not working. Ive tried tin foil but they just played with it. Im at a loss for what to do. Im affraid ill have to give them up which will break my daughters heart. Any suggestions??
Thanks Lisa
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The problem may be in the accessibility of the litter boxes. Playful and curious kittens too engrossed in their activities do not stop and run to the litter box if it is far away.
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I have put a litter box upstairs and downstairs in easy to get to areas.
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They might need to be confined to a smaller area until they get the picture.

Giving kittens the run of the house can make them so engrossed in their explorations they don't have time to make it to the right place. Keep them in a smaller area; this is less stress for them to deal with, and insures they have access to their litter box.

For the enzyme stuff to work you need to really soak the area.
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My cat accidentally locked himself in the bathroom (with the litter box) the other day while I was at work. That helped him learn where it was
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1. Be very diligent about cleaning the boxes. You need a minimum of 2 and some would say even a minimum of 3 (one per cat + an extra). They need to be easy to get to. Cats won't use dirty boxes! Most people don't clean them out enough.

2. Enzyme cleaners are good but you may have missed spots. Check with a black light (you can buy them at the pet store).

3. Try Dr. Elsey's Litter Attract (you mix it in with the litter). It's a great product, especially for kittens. This is the website, I've seen the products at PetSmart. http://www.preciouscat.com/

4. What type of litter are you using? Unscented is best. Many cats don't like the scented litters.

More great information here:

Congratulations on your new kittens. Even though they are your "daughter's", I urge you to remember that you are the adult and are ultimately responsible for these creatures. I think that anyone who works for an animal rescue group or shelter will tell you that the cats that they take in for having litter box issues no longer have the problem once they come to the shelter and don't have the problem in their new home either. It's very very very rare for it to not be fixable.
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I believe everyone is right, the two together, are so engrossed with each other and the whole house, they don't even know their way around your house yet..... you should do what werebear said, and confine them, so they will learn! My GiGi, I got her when she was really not suppose to be away from her mom, someone just dumped her here, but I have to brag,
that baby went to litter box climbed in and used it like a champ!!! Never once did we have a problem with her, except when she got older, and the only time she or any of the others have to use it whenever it's raining,
She was getting to where she hated the feel of the litter on her paws, so
she started standing in it, holding onto the sides for balance. Too funny,
when she was done, she would jumpout immediately, shaking her paws,
Lord I miss that cat!!!! But please don't get rid of them! They don't know whats up yet!
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I'm not sure whether this works for cats as well but if a dog pee's somewhere he's not meant to and gets attracted back to that spot again (by smell or something else) it's a good idea to put his food bowl on that spot. It helps them re-associate that area.

Not sure if it would work for a cat as well but it wouldnet cost anything to try

Good luck!
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