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New foster

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A gorgeous torbie called Angel, vet reckons she could be around 8, but she looks younger than that. WE got told she was heavily impregnated, but she just has an oddly fat belly with thin shoulders - she has had full bloods due to being sick quite a lot, and she is healthy. Very loving and affectionate, just what I need.
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Angel! you´re a really a cute Angel! God Bless you and for sure you going to find a lovely home that they love you!
for make it happen!
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She is a sweetie, and loves affection!! She certainly is, hopefully in time for X Mas. Thanks for the vibes.
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It sounds like she was sent to you to help you as much as you will help her. She is a beauty.
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MAybe she was!! We had a good time earlier, she just sat on my knee while i finished my book - will see if she wants to play tomorrow. She does lose an incredible amount of fur though.
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She's gorgeous! Look at that nose spot!
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Aww, she is precious!
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Thanks, she is incredibly gorgeous, just needs to put some weight on.
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she's gorgeous!!
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Angel went to her new home today, we did offically stop homing for X Mas on Mon, but they are having a quiet Christmas, so we felt it OK to let her go. I wasn't actually going to let her go this side of X Mas, but there was something about the phone call that made me change my mind, so they came and looked at her, then I followed them home with her, she has settled already apparently, and had chicken for her tea!!
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Oh that is wonderful she has a new home.
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