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Finally got Oscar and Lily spayed and neuterd today!

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For some reason everytime I bring an animal to have an operation, it pours rain all day - what's that about?!

They were due to be fixed just after they passed six months, but I had to put it off for a month as they both got sick.

Anyhow, both cats seem well and recovered from the anaesthetic, to the point that you can hardly tell that Oscar had anything done and even Lily is playing again already.

The only gripe I have is that the incision in Lily is the biggest I've ever seen - about three and a half inches and pretty clumsy looking. Their mother was spayed at the same practice and had the tidiest little hole ever, so I assume they let the student do it or something.

The nurse insisted on giving me an Elizabethan collar just in case Lily decides to bite at them and I can understand why after seeing her incision. So far so good though, she seems to be leaving it alone. I've never had a problem with biting in any of the cats I've had spayed yet and Lily is the fourth. I don't want to put the collar on her if I don't have to, as it looks most uncomfortable.

I wish I didn't always feel so guilty when having these things done - I know it's for their own good, but...

At last bringing them in together was a good idea, as I was told the two of them went right back into the carrier when they woke up and stayed cuddled up together all afternoon!
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Oh, no, don't ever feel guilty for doing the caring and compassionate thing -- feel GOOD!
Sure hope your little girl Lily and your guy Oscar heal fast; it may be that Lily had a larger than normal uterus. I like tiny incisions, too, but what's done is done, and soon she'll be all healed, with re-grown fur, and feeling great again. CONCATULATIONS to you all, and you're my hero(ine) of the day for doing the right thing for your cats!
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You shouldn't feel bad about doing what is best for your cats! You do it because you love them.

It's tough to watch our pets go through surgery, even if we know it's the best thing. Chloe is going to be spayed in about a month (she'll be in between 4 and 5 months old). She's 15.5 weeks old right now (we think she was born around August 15th, no way to know for sure though). It's the right thing to do (and is necessary) but I still hate the idea of her being in surgery.
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Glad to hear both are doing OK. When I had Junior neutered he walked tenderly for a couple days. The night I brought him home he just cuddled up on my belly and looked so forlorn I was questioning if I did the right thing or not (which I knew I did but logic is often overruled by emotion).

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Don't feel guilty. They will heal quickly and be healthier for it in the long run.
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Thanks all - I know that it is for their best and having watched how skinny their mother became as she fed them (her mother was a stray and I only took her in as the kittens were born) I know it's the only thing to do - but I still feel guilty to put them through that!

They're doing wonderfully well - Lily hasn't pulled at her stitches and is starting to heal and both recovered from the anaesthetic really quickly. Oscar pretty much acted like nothing had ever happened!
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