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Sore Cat

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so I have a 1-1.5 yr old cat. , Fergy

suddenly today, she's been acting very strangely. She's been running around the apt at full tilt (she NEVER does this) and suddenly stopping in an attempt to lick at her back, and when she's just sitting, she's really twitchy.

I think there's something wrong in one section of her back. She seems to b... I dunno... But avoiding it kinda like we (as humans) avoid one sore spot on our body. When I went to check on her, she seems fine in my arms, and I can check the rest of her no problem; but the moment I try to check that one spot, she freaks out, goes beserk and runs away and hides...

I *THINK* it's from our other kitten who is always fighting with Fergy. We always though it was just "playfighting", but lately it's taken a really rough turn. I think that the kitten bit Fergy, but I can't say for sure...

I need to check Fergy. But I can't without freaking her out and (maybe) making things worse.

...times like wish i had some tranq darts...lol...

Any suggestions on what I can do here??? How to check my cat>>> Thanks...
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Wait until she's asleep then gently check out the area. You might also consider a visit to the vet.

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