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no tail

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well, mr chilli bean has had his tail removed. completely.
his recovery was amazing, and yesterday he had his stitches removed.
1 small prob.... he is a little bit cranky (understandably!!) and aggressive.
a different little man indeed!???
any ideas on some play things, calming tricks ect would be appreciated.

thank you in advance,
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Just curious ... why would anyone remove a cat's tail?
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Originally Posted by tutti_bella View Post
Just curious ... why would anyone remove a cat's tail?
Often cats have their tails removed when they are injured.

Can you confine Mr. Chili Bean to a room with food and litter for awhile so he can have a place to be isolated and allowed to calm down? You can also look into Feliway sprays and diffusers or Rescue Remedy which is a homeopathic remedy.
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I hope he came home with some kitty pain relievers. Spinal cord involvement can be painful.

I'm sure you are letting him know you still love him, but a lot of cats need much quiet when they aren't feeling well. Let him recuperate, check on him periodically to let hinm know you are there, and I hope he bounces back soon.
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Pain killers would definitely be a good thing to request if you weren't given any. I would avoid petting the back half of the kitty for a while. One of my boyfriend's cats had most of his tail amputated due to injury (we found him injured and took him in to get him fixed up). To this day, Jeff doesn't like having his stump touched. He prefers to be petted on his head and cheeks. You might try some catnip, Rescue Remedy, or Feliway to see if they help improve his mood and attitude.
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