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A new night visitor

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Well, let's see...Inside, we've had moths, mayflies, fruit flies and the occasional roach (blech!). Outside we've had pigeons, blackbirds, squirrels and the yet-as-unidentifed rodent (please, not a rat).

Tonight, Ivo and I had a new visitor. Earlier, I went to get a drink, and heard some banging on my window, which was odd because we aren't having too much wind. Lo and behold, I saw a small dark thing flying around outside the window. I couldn't tell if it was a small bird or a bat. It disappeared, so I came back online. A few minutes later, Ivo woke up and ran to her kitty condo. The UFA (unidentified flying animal) was back outside the window. It finally landed on the roof of my building upright, which suggests to me it wasn't a bat. Of course, Ivo is still in her kitty condo waiting for it to fly by the window again.

I've never seen a small bird flying around at 10 pm. What could it have been?
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Maybe it was some type of owl?? That's the only thing I can think of.
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Ivo thinks it is a late night snack.
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Perhaps an confused early bird?
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Still no idea what it was. However, Ivo spent all night in her kitty condo, instead of sleeping on the couch as usual. And when I left this morning....she was still there!
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Alien's Okee, just Alien's

Awww you no like rats?

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I love rats! I used to have one named Adonis. I want one now, but Jake wont let me. Sorry to go OT - are you sure that this nightly visitor isnt a bat? Are there NO bats that land upright? Im curious.
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Kiwi: Erm, no I don't think so.

I'd post a picture of one of my former rats for you, but I'm afraid I'd scare Okee!
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Awww you no like rats?
Angelz00, actually, I like rats. I just don't like being surprised by one on my roof at 10 at night!

I don't know if bats do land upright. I guess they could. However, I've been in my building for 9 years and haven't seen a bat yet.

Aliens. I like that idea. Maybe they'll think Ivo is the leader here on earth?
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Maybe its BuNN's kitty army?

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Ivo was still there watching - because it WAS an alien, she IS the leader, and they were actually communicating!

I'd say "GET PREPARED," Christy - but I wouldn't know what to recommend!

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