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What a booger

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I went to give Popsie some treats today and he wouldn't come when I shook the bag. So I took some out and put them on the floor and shook the bag again. He just sat there looking at me so I scooped up the treats and put them back in the bag. Then he gets up and comes over!!! Sometimes he's such a butt head
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it made me laugh that you called him a butt head. My husbands parents have a cat (a hemingway- with extra toes) that is named Tyson but they call him Butthead. My children think that is what grandma and grandpas cat is named.
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Silly kitty!

Sounds like Harley, he'll be laying across the room, and he won't come to me to get them if he's comfortable, I have to take them TO him!
He's got me trained alright!
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hehe, Chynna is like that sometimes with dinner. I chaulk it up to her being hard of hearing now. She's not completely deaf but close. Sometimes I feel badly for my old girl and bring the plate to her on the couch so she can have "dinner in bed." She's quite happy when that happens. She just eats, looks at me until I bring the dish of water so she can get a good after dinner drink, then goes back to sleep Then usually she's well rested and wants to play
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I am so glad to know I am not the only one that will bring the water bowl to the cats after they have eaten. Pearl does not like the other kitties, so she has to have her own bowl, filled several times a day, especially if Scooter sticks one of his icky little paws in it. He just does it to annoy her.
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I sometimes bring Sash's food to him too. I think sometimes he just likes to finish it somewhere else, either in the bed or in the sun in the living room. That's okay, whatever the boy wants.
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