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RIP Tiger

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I had to let my little fighter go today - she certainly had the right name, sadly it meant we couldnt control her condition the way we would have liked. For those of you who dont know her story, I thought I would tell you about her. I was on holiday last August, fortunately only having days out, when I got a phone call from my vets - generally means they are after help with a cat!! An old man had asked for his cat to be pts, and as he wasn't a client and wanted a home visit, the receptionist questioned him, and apparently he was fed up of her destructiveness, so she got him to agree to let her go to a home if she could find one, and I seem to be the only people my vet knows who help oldies!! Despite being full, I couldnt let this happen, so set up a cage in the front room, and collected her the day after - very nearly didn't get her, as she was hiding, we both searched his kitchen and front room, and she suddenly appeared from nowhere as I was about to leave!! Poor girl was crying loads on teh way to mine, so I was in tears too. He warned me he had never been able to stroke or brush her in the 13 years he had had her, but she wasn't too bad with me, although it was seconds of a job normally, I did get scratches the first couple of days till I learnt to read her though. She was initially a foster, but due to her issues with humans, and me losing PEbbles, I formally adopted her (first cat i have actually 'paid' for), I loved her to bits, and she was happy here, she would even sometimes deign to sit with me, but I did have to have fleecy blanket over me for that one, so never happend in the summer. We did have a health scare last yer, she had an unexplained high fever, so the vet insisted on an FIV/FeLV test, that was a worrying time. Then she had bloods done when i adopted her, and i expressed surprise at them coming back normal (Esp when the vet picked 9.20 on a Sat morning to ring me - not normally good news!!), as I dont normally have 2 healthy cats but the month later she started limping. We tried lots of different meds, but nothing really helped, the only option was a specialist, but didn't want to put her through the trauma of that, so we lived with it for a few months till she had tummy issues, we struggled to find something to help that, so off to the specialist we went, who found spindle cells in her knee, which are never a good sign, the main options are a tumour or chronic inflammation - we did suspect the former, partly cos she is one of mine, and I like to get cats with unusual things to test my vet, and partly cos it hadn't really been going on long enough for chronic inflammation, and various meds hadn't helped. The only surefire way of knowing would have been exploratory surgery, but arthritic hips ruled out treating it, so I decided not to put her through it. Her limp came back more recently, but she refused meds for it, and just hasn't looked happy this week, she stopped purring and was being really picky with her food, so as she had a painful condition that was unmanageable, I made the hard decision to let her go tonight, we had 15 months together, but at least she was pts due to health reasons and not cos someone couldnt be bothered with her anymore. She never really got that good at being fussed, but I showed her as much love as she would allow, and at least she had lots of it at the end of her life, that is why i do it, her last 15 months could have been so much different. When my photobucket account ever works, I shall post pics of my little Tiger, she might not have accepted my love much, but she was loved to bits regardless of her temperament, and will be missed. RIP little one, tell the others I love them, but dont be nasty to them.
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I'm so sorry, it does sound as if it was the right decision to let her go now, the point comes when you can't do anything more to keep them comfortable and happy - not that knowing that makes it any less upsetting. She sounded like a real character and a feisty dame, bless her heart. Think of her running and playing now, free from pain and the grumbles of her advancing years. Rest in peace little one, you were well loved.
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I'm so sorry. Tiger is now at peace and was blessed to have shared the last year with you, I have no doubt she knew she was loved very much. May she now be forever happy at the rainbow bridge. Rest in peace beautiful Tiger.
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Thanks very much, I know it was the right thing to do, but I always wonder if my timing is right - she could have had a bit longer, the vet said i could have had the weekend with her, but I was only delaying the inevitable, and she wasn't purring, only picking at her food, and seemed to be going outside more (normally a sign she wants to eat grass cos she feels sick), so i would have been doing it for me, not her, and that isn't right. IT doesn't, but it is something you have to be able to do if you take on oldies, they need you to do right by them, and that involves doing things you dont want to do, like tonight. Tehre is good news to come on Mon though, and makes me remember the good side of what I do. She certainly was fiesty, but sadly that was her downfall in the end, it meant we couldn't do what we really wanted. Thanks, I hope she will be.
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My Heart goes out to you its sad that theres only so much we can do,
RIP Sweet baby Girl, and to you also
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Thanks, there certainly is only so much we can do and less so with an uncooperative cat - I seem to be good at picking cats like that, and have to let them go sooner than I would like due to not being able to medicate them, i know if Mol ends up with something that needs regular meds, it will be the same with her.
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But you are there for them and know when they are suffering. I'm sorry for your loss but Tiger knew love at the end and she was true to her feisty self. Rest in peace, little Tiger.
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I am, and that is the important thing. She certainly did and was fiesty till the end, bless her.
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I'm so sorry you lost your fiesty girl. Tiger was so lucky to have you in her life and I hope you can find comfort in knowing that the love and care you gave her made all the difference. RIP Tiger.
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...I´m so sorry about i...
...receive this hug with my condolences...
RIP to tiger.. my prayers for his soul...
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Thanks everyone, it means a lot. I do have a happy post on Mon, and thinkign about that makes me realise why I do what I do, regardless of the heartache at times - that is always overpowered by the knowledge that I gave them a home that others wouldnt, at the time of their life when they deserve it, and I just wish I could help more, but think I am nearly in double figures with oldies
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You gave her a chance at life no one else would've. And for that, Tiger is eternally grateful.

I'm sorry you had to let her go, but she knew love, happiness, and mostly she knew the utmost for a love---you let her go when the time was right.

Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge Tiger.
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Thanks, it means a lot.
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Oh my goodess!! this is not what I expected to hear I'm so sorry for your loss RIP Tiger, your Meowmy loved you very much
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Thanks Katie.
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Rest in Peace, sweet Tiger

I'm so sorry for your loss.
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Thanks. have finally managed to upload one of her pics - this was taken in teh summer, you can see where she was shaved for her ultrasound.
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Awww, what a beautiful girl....
Rest in peace sweet Tiger.
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Im sorry about your little Tiger, RIP.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm sure she had a very happy life with you. Now she feels no more pain and can run around happy and free. Rest in Peace Tiger.
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Thanks very much. I still have her last pic to post, my photobucket account is iffy though.
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Oh sweetie, I am so so sorry! I never knew her full story - how sweet. She's a beautiful girl. I dread the day we ever have to make such a decision. My heart goes out to you. I know it's small comfort knowing she's pain free now, the pain in your heart is still there.

But she had a wonderful life with you - and though she was never a love bug, she knew love thanks to you.

My thoughts are with you.

RIP little one.

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Thanks very much, it is really sweet. She was gorgeous. I hope you dont have to make that kind of decision for a long time, I know it goes hand in hand with taking on oldies, so at least I have some comfort of knowing that I gave them that chance and they ended their lives in a happy, warm house, not a rescue. Have just had to tell the other two oldies (17 and 15) how lucky they are!! She certainly did know love, and that is very important.
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I'm so sorry for your loss, may she rest in piece
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It is two weeks today, and I have just come across an unexpected picture of Tiger, and made me feel a bit weepy. She does look happy in the pic though, so need to make myself realise that she had a good time here, for the most part, and while it would have been nice for her to see a second Christmas, at least she got one good one here
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You gave Tiger a loving home....
that is a wonderful thing.
Play in the sun Tiger.
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Aww, thanks. I think part of the problem is that it is Pebbles' Anniversary on Tues, so feeling more emotional than normal anyway.
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I'm sorry I didn't see this before now. But please accept my condolences. Tiger knew he was lucky to have found you.

RIP Tiger.
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Thank you - but Tiger was a girl!!
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Bit of a sad week, as I got the final payout from the insurance company today. And I had to tell a friend yesterday and got upset, and still got one more person to tell this week, so am going to be in tears again then.
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