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just got back from the vet for the first check up of my new girls. both look great. millie, who is 17 weeks, weighs 4.5 pounds and sophie who is 12 weeks weighs 4.3 pounds. they each got a couple shots, different ones. sophie goes back in three weeks for her second leukemia. millie had already had both doses before i got her. both got another dose of dewormer. now, when i brought max there two months ago, he didn't do the leukemia then, just told me to bring him in january if he ended up being an indoor/outdoor cat. now, he wants max to come and get that. i asked about max's sneezing and he said it just sounds like a virus, and will check him out when he comes for the vaccine. i asked about damian gaining weight since we brought new kitties home, he was already getting pudgy, and he just agreed with me that i'm going to keep trying new brands of food with him, since i found kitten soft food brands he likes (or snuck, lol) so i will get adult versions of those for him.
oh, and the debate of what to call sophie coloring, he said he would call her an orange spotted tabby, the vet tech called her a patched tabby, lol. i just call her my beautiful girl!