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COFFEE scented candles! I want some!!!!!
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Kellye, where did you get the oil Nag Champra? I told my husband about it and he's all eager to know, ha ha. Perhaps we can trade? I'll send you something you can't find and you send me that?

Ghyslaine, the hazlenut is nice, but can be overpowering. I wouldn't recommend it unless you really like the smell. You have a "The Body Shop" in Ontario don't you? That's where I got it, I would think that store would be more popular in Ontario than B.C. But if you can't find it and you would like it, it's small enough I can send it easily.

coffee, mmmm. Have to find it...
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Tamme, that's so sweet of you to offer to do that! I don't really want you to go to any troubles for me though...
There are Body Shops in Ontario. Not around here though because I live far from the big cities but, I will check it out when I go the next time.

I woke up with a headache today. I wonder if I'm having a reaction to just waaaay too many essential oils in a short time. Last night, I tried the Ylang Ylang in the diffuser, then took a hot bath with lavender and rubbed myself down with a massage oil containing orange...Perhaps I should tone it down a notch or two.

What was really funny though is that when I slipped into bed, hubby kind of stirred in his sleep, rolled towards me and started sniffing in the air (still sleeping mind you...) then he abrubtly rolled over to the other side. I don't think he liked the smell of me! :LOL: I asked him this morning and he doesn't remember doing that PLUS.....he smelled the Ylang Ylang and told me he likes it. I'm still unsure...
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The nag champa is in the store down the road from me, I will see if they still have it in stock and I would be willing to get it for you.
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Thnks Kellye! That would be so great but I wouldn't want to put you out, you live so far away (Australia right? Please don't laugh if I'm wrong, I'm so bad at geography ) ...saay, you tell me how much it is and how much all the shipping will cost and I'll send it to ya, I don't have any kids so I can afford it, I don't know about you though and wouldn't want to put any pressure on you...Hubby keeps calling me from work "Did she respond yet? Did she respond yet?" He's so funny. Totally a one track mind.

Ghyslaine, it's no problem, like I said above, I have no kids so it's no problem for me to send a little bottle or two. So unless you go to the big cities often, let me get some for you! Just send your address to me in a private message and I'll get it out to you within a few days :tounge2:.
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Tamme....you are too kind

I sent you a PM.
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I am still in the US, so it wont be too bad! I am going to call the store after 11 when it opens so that I can be sure its in there and then hubby and I can drive down this arvo as its cold! PM me your address please! ALso, they have nag champa candles, I have them also, and I dont have them burning at the moment but I can still smell them! Its heavenly!
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Tamme - I called the store, he is out of nag champa but is expecting some more in a couple of weeks. But tomorrow I will try the stores in the next town over, they have a LOT of hippy stores.
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Kellye, don't go to the next town! MY GOD woman, don't put yourself out in the cold for me! I'll wait, with my hands under my bum. Thank you so much for doing this, and I WILL wait. hee hee.
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But Tamme, hubby goes there every day to go to school and he can drop me off to the shops downtown (providing that there IS school tomorrow, depending on the weather)

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Alright, as long as you're not going out of your way. (EEP! I'm so excited!)
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