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Does anyone else use essential oils???

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If yes...what do you think about them?

I just found 2 bottles of pure essential oils I had bought a few months ago. One is Lavender (which I know about the sleeping/relaxing benefit) and the other is Rosewood (I think I bought that because I was told it would help my migraines. I was told to rub 2 drops on my temples.

I love herbal products/remedies but I am not very informed about how to use them.

Tonight, I put 2 drops of lavender on a face cloth and will slip it under my pillow.

What do you use and for what?
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Well, I don't have too much experience using essential oils. But, when I get a massage, my masseuse uses a verbena-infused oil (lemon-scented). The scent lingers for hours and continues to relax me. I also use a rosemary soap for my morning shower, which energizes me and wakes me up. When I'm relaxed or want to feel relaxed, I'll often use my vanilla-scented perfume.

I guess a lot of the benefit essential oils have depends on how you respond/feel to them. And, if rosewood works for your migraines, I would like to know
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I love essential oils, I often burn them, tonight I was burning lotus oil, its a very nice scent and its relaxing.
If you go to 'hippy' stores, they sell burners in which at the bottom, you place a tea light and at the top you put water with a few drops of essential oil and it burns nicely, - you have to supervise to make sure it doesnt burn out.

Heres an example:

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I have those too! Although I got my burner in a dollar store . I burn hazelnut in the living room when I have guests over and cranberry in the bathroom, when there has been an explosion. Both oils I got from The Body Shop.
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I'm planning to go tomorrow and pick up some essential oils to make some bath salts. I'm planning on peppermint, spearmint, maybe grapefruit.
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I hope you realize that even though essential oils are natural, you still have to be careful about how you use them. For example, when you use EOs on your skin, only lavender (and tea trea oil) can be used undiluted, others are too harsh for that, they always have to be mixed with a carrier oil. And, of course, essential oils are not safe for cats, so make sure your cats don't get at them.

Other than that, I think EOs are wonderful stuff, but you do have to know how to use them, and make sure they are good quality. I use EOs for all kinds of stuff, although I'm still very much learning how to use them well and safely.
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Kellye, thank you for the picture. I had heard of burners but I wasn't sure what they looked like.

Christy....I'm not sure if the Rosewood helped at all. When I get a migraine...nothing does But I was/am willing to try anything.)

Marcy...too cool! You make your own bath salts with this? I never thought of it. I know people say to add a few drops to your bathwater but that seems like a great idea. What does the peppermint, spearmint and grapefuit do? Do you mix it all and get one scent or individual ones? I guess, from the smells...it must be to refresh you. The opposite of Lavender.

Eeva, I have never intentionally put any directly on my skin however....I did drop some on my hand last night. It was Lavender so I was ok! And definately.....this is something Whiskers has no access to. It's in little bottles tucked away in my bathroom cabinet. Although last night, with my drops on my facecloth, she benefitted from the aroma! She slept on the foot of the bed and did not move until this morning. Perhaps the aroma relaxed her too?

I also read up a little bit last night after I logged off. Apparently for weight loss (Yep!!! I found something) There is an essential oil called: Bergamot. Apparently when you inhale the aroma, it diminishes your appettite, is a mood-lifter and chases away depression.The result is that you are motivated to continue/stick to your healthy program. I don't know how true that is but....I'd be willing to buy a bottle and carry it around if all I have to do is take a sniff to steer me away from the french fries!!! On a more serous side....has anyone else heard of this???

Another essential oil for weight loss is Fennel. Same thing. Either carry the bottle and open and inhale the aroma or....add a couple of drops to your tea. It strengthens the stomache and helps damper hunger. It's used to curb appetites. (this one is digestable although I'm iffy on swallowing any of these products).

Also like Eeva says....make sure your bottle says "Pure Essential Oil" otherwise the benefit is not the same.

Eeva....I would be really interested in learning about the benefits of EO and what you use them for.
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I agree, keep all your oils away from cats!
I will have to look into Bergamot, I will ask at the hippy store, she has lots of different oils. Thanks for the tip Ghys!
They do have different styles of oil burners - I didnt know they sell them in dollar stores, I will check them out! Thanks for the heads up Tamme!
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I just found a website that has information about essential oils.

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Here is an article about aromatherapy and weight loss.

Aromatherapy and Weight Loss
Essential Oil Storage Box
A wooden box filled with bottles of essential oils.

I receive a lot of E-mails from persons asking if aromatherapy can aid with weight loss. Grapefruit essential oil, in particular, is often asked about.

The quick answer is that the use of essential oils will not provide a miracle in weight loss. Used in conjunction with other things described below, however, proper use of essential oils may be a valuable aid in your weight loss plan.

The first step in establishing a weight loss program should be to consult your medical doctor or practitioner. Work with your practitioner to establish a safe plan suitable to your particular medical needs. As a person who has struggled with her weight for years, I also find significant value in defining the reasons why you have poor eating habits. Your particular reasons will vary from those of others, but knowing the reasons and dealing with them will help you on your way to permanent weight loss. Going on crash diets isn't a long-term solution. Several reasons why you may overeat are listed below:

* Physical/medical reasons
* Poor knowledge of nutrition
* Eating as a form of comfort
* Eating as entertainment when bored
* Depression
* Grief
* Eating because everyone else is/afraid to say "no"

The use of essential oils or aromatic blends will not miraculously shed pounds. They, however, can assist you with the struggles and "withdrawal" symptoms that you may feel as you begin and continue your weight loss program. The aroma of energizing essential oils (i.e. orange, lemon, grapefruit, rosemary, peppermint) may help provide energy during workouts and during times where you feel sluggish. The Emotional Well-Being section of AromaWeb's Recipe Box area provides a variety of blends. The use of these blends may help you in dealing with the difficulties that you are trying to overcome.
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One of my favourite websites for homemade bath products using essential oils is this one:

Homemade Bath and Beauty Products

If you go to the main website (http://www.pioneerthinking.com/)there is a huge amount of info on making many things from scratch.

It's great source for gift giving and Christmas presents too!

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Thanks for all the info Kellye and Kass!

I have lots of homework to do now!!!!
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I never use it on my body... (I'm allergic to most oils)

I do have a ceramic ring which fits over a lightbulb.

I fill the ring with oil and the lightbulb warms the ring thus making my house smell yummy...

I like the smell of cedar/pine (earthy smells)
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Found a picture..... this one is metal

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I just came back from downtown and bought some essential oils, one is nag champra, one is hyssop (guardian angel oil) and i found a money drawing oil for $2.00 I doubt it willbring me money but the scent is heavenly! I also bought some scented candles.
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If any of you are having any problems finding certain essential oils, may I suggest checking with the local new age/pagan stores. They usually have a wide variety of incense, oils, herbs, roots, pretty much everything under the sun. Many oils and scents are used is spells and rituals, and most pagans are also very much into homeopathic remedies and such so it's a good place to look for those things. They are usually small stores, and the person at the counter will more than likely be an owner or something close, so ask them about this stuff too. They are usually full of knowledge, especially about how certain oils/scents affect a person.
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Yup, thats true, the store I regularly go to, the owner is very helpful and has great stuff in stock. My apartment smells so heavenly!
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Kellye, I have Nag Champa incense sticks. My husband and I like the flora best the often find stores have sold out before we get there and have to buy the original (agarbatti) scent. It is also nice, but prefer the floral.
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Do you guys have a Bath and Body Works? I love thier ginger oil. There is just something about it that lifts up your spirits!
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Mmmmm ginger! Origins makes a whole line of bath products with ginger and they are soooo yummy and great. Expensive, but worth it for a treat now and then.
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I use pepper oil for sore muscles,which I bought on e-bay yes it works,I also use lavender in my bath,very rexeling[sp].I don't know anything about weigh lose ones. I have used others as well,just can;t remember which ones off hand.Yes I think some work,some not.
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Peppermint and spearmint are to refresh and invigorate, I use it to lift my spirits. I suffer from depression, and mint helps keep me on an even keel. I use creme de Menthe coffee syrup in my coffee or cocoa to help me deal with the day.
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I bought a bottle of scented oil that smells like cabernet. Since I'm not allowed to drink wine, at least I can sit around the house and sniff it!
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Whats the name of that one? I love the smell of cabernet!
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Okay...I went shopping! I bought the Bergamot (Myste...it says it's also good for depression-you may want to try this one too) I'll let you know in a few weeks if there is less of me around!

I also bought a bottle of Ylang Ylang I read the benefits and thought....what the heck???

And...I bought the burner.

I did not find any hazlenut. Wish I had....

I also bought a massage oil - Orange scented.

That's it for now!!!!!

So they have wine scented oil too?? That's cool!
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Good on you Ghys!

I have been using my burner all evening and now the apartment smells so heavenly!
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I tried the Ylang Ylang oil in the diffuser. Ummmm.....not sure if I am too fussy on that smell.

Kellye, what did you use today? Was it the nag champra? (what does that smell like?) or the hyssop?
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I used the hyssop, it smells wonderful, the apartment smells as if its not ours LOL Funny thing is, Peedoodle sniffed at it and then sat in my spot on the couch which is next to the oil burner so that I can supervise it and he stayed there. I guess he likes the smell?
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I bought their oils today - its called Guardian Angel oil, and it smells GREAT!

Sun's Eye
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I got my peppermint, spearmint, also got grapefruit and sweet orange! Later tonight I'm going to make my bath salts. I also got some coffee-scented candles!
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