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December Show Thread

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Ok cat showers - post your upcoming shows in December (date - city, state, country and association)

Charlie has one show this month - ACFA, Sioux Falls, SD and its Dec. 29/30 Hopefully he will get the finals to grand
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None for me BUT if you're in Hong Kong on Dec 15/16 there's a CFA show with currently 384 cats entered!
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I am taking the rest of the show season off Possible will start showing Kingston again in May depending if he matures more or stays the skinny lanky guy he currently is.
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Our season is over until Feb next year, it's too hot over the summer to show. I think the first few shows next year are in air conditioned halls, I hope so Feb is still very warm here.
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December 8-9, 2007
Kat Knappers Cat Club

Arcadia Masonic Center
50 W. Duarte Road
Arcadia, CA 91007

Lahey(AB), Ashley(AB), Ritzinger(AB), Bangle(SP), TBA(SP),
Nottingham(AB), Arnold(AB), Portelas(AB), Lahey(SP), Chisholm(SP)

We are entering our first homegrown girl. She is a Seal Bicolor and her Name is Calirags Penny Lane.

We are also entering our Stud Wild Bill who is also a Seal Bicolor, along with Nala our Aby.
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Originally Posted by kitytize View Post
I am taking the rest of the show season off
A small hijack... I'm actually thinking of doing the same even though Ms. Bulan is ranked around 12th and Suria around 15th in Asia.

Bulan has an intense need to be mated and really, it's too late for Suria due to quarantine restrictions. I will campaign Suria and the (I pray) new male next season. My new female (again I pray) will be shown in SE Asia whereas the two boys will be shown only in Malaysia and Hong Kong.

I may just show Adik for the balance of this season's shows just for the heck of it (and because I'm show crazy) and in support of the breed and my friends' cat clubs' shows.
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I was at Santa Paws (CFA) in Parksville MD this weekend. I'm taking some time off this month tough. . . I was at a show EVERY weekend in November and I am dead tired! I'll be back at it again on December 29th

29(L). PA, LEESPORT: Leesport Farmer Market Route 61. Finicky Felines Society. 5AB, 1Spec. Judges: Black(AB), Darrah(AB), Honey(AB), Myers(AB), Newkirk(AB), Powell(LH/SH). Entry limit 225.
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