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Booyzz 2 Men

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The 3 men in my life.

Look at those tails

My TV man And he doesn't steal the remote control!

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Very handsome boys!
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They are such handsome boys! I love the one of all three of them together.
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Awwww, what a cute pic with all 3 of them!!! is that Dorky or PJ? whoever it has the prime TV viewing spot!!
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I can't tell Dorky and PJ apart any more!!! They look like such good buddies
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He cracks me up watching tv
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In the group pic PJ is laying down. PJ is also the one glued to the TV. A man after my own heart, he loves Stargate!
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i liked stargate :P somewhat,
in fact i think i remember the one he was watching heeh.
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Aww... He's just like Jack!!!

Gotta have his boob tube!
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What gorgeous guys!
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