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Stronger singers this time around, many of them finally getting serious. I see a few that are starting to believe the hype around them and they are losing themselves in the process. Reuben has a magical voice-shades of Luther that's for sure. I wonder if the Marine will be dismissed because of duty calling? Clay as always those eyes just sparkle- and his voice does too. Simon may not be tactful in his delivery, but I do agree with most of what he tells these kids.
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last night was soooo good!!! I'm in love with clay and ruben!!!!!
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Christy - What a great idea! A fan club!!! I am so in, and yes, I will certainly be the VP. We do need a name .

I thought the performances last night were mostly great. Clay of course was wonderful . I thought Rueben did a fantastic job too. Gotta love songs from cartoons.

I wasn't as impressed with:
Corey, whose voice truly goes right through me.
Charles, I agreed with Randy, I don't think the song was good for him.
Julia, she needs to get a strong dose of confidence and she will do better.

Ok, enough about that, lets go back to Clay.

I was so excited when Simon said he is the one to beat. That gives me such hopes. And my god, the eyes on that boy, he is just adorable. And he seems so nice. And not the fake kind of nice, but the real genuine nice human being nice. And did I mention he is cute?

Did you see how many people had signs for Clay in the audience? The one girl had a sign that said: Clay go to Prom with me. That is so cute. I like when the underdog is doing well.
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I LOVE clay!!! I think he is a total doll dh love him to :LOL: he has so much talent and I think that makes him extra cute! Also it would be great if he wins because that goes to show that you don't have to be what people think is "cute" talent and personality matters. Go clay!!! I loved him since day one! :LOL:
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I judge the performances by the "goosebump" factor. Whoever gives me goosebumps did a good job. Last night that was Rueban, Treynice and of course Clay. Corey sounded like he was screaming and Charles was just bad I think the bottom 3 tonight will be Charles, Julia and Carmen with Julia leaving.
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i think those are my bottom three too. The guy that went first, that guy that sang the song from wiz and the kickie that sang what a feeling.
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Heidi, not a problem. I am just glad that he has supporters who recognize his talent as well!

I think an American idol is just not all looks and voice, he or she must possess a great personality and good aptitude as well.

I remember one episode very vividly: the participants were divided into groups of three, and they were supposed to practice performing as a team. There were two chaps who, instead of practicing with their teammates, went out partying in party town LA. One even made it to the final 12! I was not impressed with his voice as well.
I know Paula likes him, as he tried to swoon her. I feel that charm alone is NOT enough to qualify one to be the best.

I feel an American idol should at least possess some responsible and positive traits. For Clay, he exudes it all. I guess I can only speak for myself. I always like nice guys, anyway.

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i can't stand Corey Clarks voice, i just don't see why they all think it's so wonderful

cameron has to leave the room when he sings because the shreiking hurts his ears ! he manages to hit some notes, but, generally, not many.
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So, I've got a suggestion for the TCS Clay fan club name...

CSCFC...Cat Site Chicks For Clay...

And of course our motto should be "Dawg, where does that voice COME from?" (with props to Randy).

I was a little disappointed in tonight's results. I think that style won out over substance (even though I think substance was lacking in the bottom 3). I realize that the American Idol should have a certain "look", but as a plus-sized woman, I'm a little tired of "thinness" being equated with "talent". Look at Ruben-he's a way big guy, but no one faults him on his size (why did Simon fault Joshua? He didn't say anything about Ruben-and I think the two most talented performers are Clay and Ruben). The same standard should hold for the girls, too.

Anyways, off of my soapbox. What did y'all think?
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I know it shouldn't matter at a time like this, but who were the bottom 3 and who got booted? The damn war in Iraq messed up the last 15 minutes of the show!!!
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Potential spoiler alert ahead....Don't look if you don't want to know the outcome


The bottom three were Corey, Charles and Julia. Charles got booted.
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Thanks Christy! BTW, sounded to me like Ryan was insinuating that Clay was the top vote getter of all of them. Did anyone else pick up on that?
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Bye bye Charles! Woooohoooo!

It was nice hearing them all sing together.

I have a possible name for our Clay fan club....."Aching for Aiken fan club".
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I don't understand why Julia is still around. I know blue likes her, but I think she is way out of her league, both in talent and in performance confidence/charisma. To me, she seems like a deer caught in the headlights every time she gets up to perform. She also looks scared when she is in the bottom 3 waiting to see who goes on. I guess being scared is natural, but last season there were a few who were always thisclose to being voted off, and their attitude seemed to be "Hey ma! I made bottom three again! Woo hoo!" I think that kind of confidence can go a looooong way in covering a lack of talent (Britney Spears anyone?).

ady-LOVE the name!
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I agree, i thought Julia would be gone last night for sure. Her voice is pretty terrible in comparison to the others and she has no confidence and it shows when she sings and talks.
I voted for Rickey Smith this time. And before Tuesday's performance, I didn't think he was doing all that great, he sure did step up this time!

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Ady - LOVE the name . Since I am just the VP, though, we will have to wait on the Pres. What say you blue?
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I think it should go for a vote. When I couldn't sleep last night I decided to make use of my time by thinking of a possible group name.
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the president checking in once again to the AA club

(cool name, btw)

anyway, Charles over Corey, America, what were you thinking !!

now i'm a gonna have to hear him screech at me again ! *hides*
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I am right there with you blue. Dear god, Corey voice feels like glass shards down my spine. I would have much rathered Charles stay.
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My delayed reaction......

I AGREE! Cory stunk! His voice is annoying......Charles should have stayed. Although, I wish Charles would have picked a different song....darn it!
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if that guy would have picked a different song i think he would have stayed another week. cory had a good song and just did a horrible horrible job!! i think he should have gotten the boot. and the what a feeling chickie sung with NO feeling. the rest of them were pretty good though. Clay and Ruben are my favs!! it is so funny because dh and i normally agree with what simon says. at least he is truthful!
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You know the only reason Corey is still there is because of all the teeny-boppers who think he's cute. As bad as he is, I bet he'll stick around for a couple more weeks based on that alone.
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Heidi - I was thinking the same thing...Cory is a sharp looking dude (even if does have a voice like a chic) - It seems like his "image" is keeping him on that stage.....I'm torn between Ruben, Kimberly Locke, AND my boy CLAY—What to do..........

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Heidi - I agree, it will be the little kids who think he's cute that will keep him in it. The thing that gets me, Paula seems to think he has a great voice. That astounds me. Ugh.

I am thinking right now, that it will come down to Reuben or Clay as the AI. That of course can change from week to week. Well, no, I will always want Clay, but the Reuben thing can change .
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Well, it is that time again. Another Performance show tonight. The theme is Disco. Can't wait to see what everyone does.

Go Clay!!
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DISCO!!! Oh no! How are Reuben and Clay gonna sing Disco?
Corey should be able to pull Disco off pretty good considering his screechy voice.
Trenyce sounded great last week, any thoughts on her??? Is is because most of us here are female that we prefer the male singers. I know I do. Whatcha think?

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Clay can do disco - he can do anything - Josh on the other hand may have problems.
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Oh ya I forgot about Josh...Country style Dosco LOL!!!

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Do ya'll think Kelly would win if she was in this year's competition? Or do you think the competition was easier last year?
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