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LOL! Stop with the lashes!!

It's fine, I am still excited to watch it anyway! Tuesdays are better because I mainly just like hearing them sing.

Next time I know better though!

Reminder: don't read Christy's American Idol posts!! J/K!
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LOL!!! NOW you put the spoiler alert. . .I see how it is. . .

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I used to participate on an X-Files board and got into the habit of putting up a "Spoiler Alert" anytime I discussed a new episode. I guess I've gotten out of the habit. After all, when it comes to cats how many spoilers can we have?
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I did the same thing, read the post as soon as it was up BEFORE I watched it! I should have known better....Oh well, I TIVO'ed it so I will just watch it tomorrow.

I'm glad those two got in. They were definitely the stand-outs so far.
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I don't understand why they booted Frenchie as she gave them full disclosure before she even auditioned!
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I was THRILLED that Ruben and Kimberly won this round...they are both so awesome.

BTW: While at the salon the other day....one of the hairdressers told another person that Randy Jackson is related to Michael Jackson....I told her that I didn't think so...am I right? May need to apologize...

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No spoilers tonight, I promise!

OK, I'll admit it right now-I watch American Idol and rush to post on TCS (I need to get a new hobby!).

This week was really un-inspiring. Although, I hope Vanessa and George go through. Vanessa was the only one who seemed to really enjoy performing tonight. As for Simon's suggestion that she should lose weight? She is the most normal girl up there! And, I thought George did a very good rendition of "Unchained Melody".

What do y'all think?
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I didn't see it all (missed Venessa's performance) but hubby filled me in on the 'Jennifer Lopez' comparisson and I laughed. If I could have high-fived her, I would have. Simon is such a .......! I mean, why talk about someones weight.

As for George, Wow! I love it. I kind of chuckled at a few the poses he took when he sang but....his voice knocked me off my chair.
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I totally agreed with the judges tonight. None of the performances were all that fantastic. They were good, but nothing to really remember. I liked Vanessa a lot. That girl has a lot of spunk. I don't think Simon is happy unless he has something to criticize and that's the one thing he could find with her.

I have to root for Samantha Cohen, who did "Something He Can Feel" since she's our local girl. I don't think she'll advance though, don't know why. She was good, but that's it - good.
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There really was no spark last night! I did like Vanessa the best out of the bunch and I was very offended by the weight comment. He didn't say anything to Ruben the week before. What a double standard. I will tape the result show tonight because I want to see who Trista picks (please pick Ryan!).
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Waiting with great anticipation for tonight's show!!!
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Did anyone watch???? We had to go to Wal Mart and I missed it! Who is going on to the next round????
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Oddly enough I did catch it...

The two that are moving on are Rickey Smith and Vanessa Olivarez.

I was honestly more interested in the best of the worst auditions they showed afterwards.
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Thank you Jenn!
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I was pleased about Vanessa moving forward, but I don't feel that anyone else really deserved to move forward. People from the last 2 groups were much better.
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I loved Vanessa, she had a great upbeat personality!

I also liked the best/worst show that followed American Idol. That last guy that they showed, singing Like a Virgin, had serious mental issues!!!

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Am I the only person still watching?

Interesting show-I liked that some of the performers tried to put their own spin on the songs, instead of just copying the original. And, it's so nice to see normal-sized people up there (despite what Simon says).

I hope Josh (Marine), Clay and Ruben go through. The girls really didn't impress me, although Vanessa has a whole bunch of get up and go-she deserves it just for having the best personality.
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I'm still watching! When I watch I try to think which person would I pay a ticket to go see in concert.

I absolutely love Clay! He looks like he was born for the stage and has such confidence. Everytime I see him sing, I think he was born for Broadway because he fills the stage with his voice. He shows he can make any song his own and has depth to his musical range.

I also really like Kimberly Caldwell and Trenyce. I agree with Simone when he said Vanessa seems more an entertainer than a singer. Since she has so much personality, she would do well in entertainment.

I'm sure many of them will get other contracts if they don't win American Idol.
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Carmen Rasmusen
Age: 17
Bountiful, UT

Charles Grigsby
Age: 24
Oberlin, OH

Clay Aiken
Age: 24
Raleigh, NC

Corey Clark
Age: 22
Nashville, TN

Joshua Gracin
Age: 22
Oceanside, CA

Julia DeMato
Age: 23
Brookfield, CT

Kimberly Caldwell
Age: 21
Katy, TX

Kimberley Locke
Age: 24
Nashville, TN

Rickey Smith
Age: 23
Keene, TX

Ruben Studdard
Age: 24
Birmingham, AL

Age: 22
Memphis, TN

Vanessa Olivarez
Age: 21
Atlanta, GA
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I definitely thought that this year's top people were much better than last year's top ten. They all put on a show last night.

The only one I wasn't very impressed with was Carmen. I judt don't see what Simon sees in her. She sounds like she's yodeling every song, which I don't think would sell very many records.

Corey reminds me a lot of Justin, at least in the looks and charisma department. He should go pretty far, although I don't think he's the best singer in the group.

Kass, they did a special think on the top 10 of the first show and almost all of them have recording contracts now. Pretty amazing - I could see the top 5, but every one of them is working on something.
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I WANT CLAY TO WIN! I think he is fantastic! I think that Kimberly Locke had a rough night last night, although I normally love her voice and I didn't like Charles too much last night. I wonder will will get booted tonight? Do any of you call in to vote?
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WOW I was impressed by Ruben alot! He was awesome! So was Clay. I voted for Clay last night.

My picks for the final 5 are:
Ruben (**I think Ruben will win the whole show, or Clay, who knows)

My boyfriend used to work with Christina from last season. The Latin American/dark skinned looking girl from Miami. She was the receptionist in his office for a few months He didn't recognize her because he had just started there and this was after the show was over so noone was really talking about it much anymore. She left there about a month after he started. She is going to be in the Americal Idol movie that is coming out. Pretty cool huh?

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Ok, I've never watched "AI", except for the "worst of the worst" show (did you see the guy with the furry pants?! Clueless! I felt so sorry for the guy Simon said was the worst ever... because he reacted like "I am?! Really!?" And it was hilarious how they seperated those twins who were fantastic and they were suddenly... not great) ... but I want Clay to win because he's a local boy, because I know someone who knows him and says that he's super-nice, and because I saw a clip of him singing on the news and it blew me away.
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We havent seen the show down here in the land of Oz. Can someone please give a bio so all of us that dont get to see it have some idea on the show. Its good reading your comments. Opens up some social issues too I think.
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smc here is the official website for the show...

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Who got voted off??? Our cable is out and I missed it!!!
Help!!! Please!!!

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The people on TCS, according to Lizza's poll, were right on. Vanessa got voted off. The bottom three were Kimberly Locke, Julia DeMato and Vanessa. Even as nice as Paula is, she couldn't even disagree with the bottom three. Simon said there should have been 5 in the bottom 3, but America got it right so far.
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i adore Clay i think i'm in love

i thought his was the best performace (as ever) and Trenyce was incredible, too.
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I really liked Vanessa - I still think that Charles was the worst one on Tuesday night - I can't believe he wasn't at least in the bottom 3. I loved the profile on Tuesday that they did of Clay - he seems like a really fantastic guy!
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I agree with Coco Maui, "sort of"...I say "sort of" because they are ALL so good and I can't make up my mind. My picks are Ruben, Kimberly Locke, Clay, Corey, Trenyce.

I have to say, though, I just LOVE Clay's voice - he's a neat guy (voted for him) and he seems to have a natural perfect voice....but I think Trenyce does, too. Trenyce is really amazing to me. She might just steal the show!!

Who knows!? All I know is that I AM ADDICTED to that show, LOL!
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