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No, I didn't see it. Darn. I didn't know or I would have taped it. Did you learn anything new?
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Other then Paula has a boyfriend and according to Simon, because she is getting sex regularly they are getting along better. Randy is married to a former ballerina and has 3 kids. They also had Kelly Clarkson on. The final 3 were very well spoken, especially Clay. He spoke about the fact that he plans to use his "celebrity" to give back to community.
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I liked Reuben from the beginning but I will be very upset if Clay doesn't win now. He is so unique and has "star" qualities.

Is tonight and hour long show? Did I hear that right?

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i really really love clay. I get bored listening to ruban! I think kim is really good. I kinda think ruban is going to go home tonight. I kept trying to vote for clay last night but the line was always busy! I only got three votes in!
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We'll see, but I think the final will come down to Ruben and Clay. Kim did really well, but I think it will come down to pre-determined favorites. Clay seems so "Broadway" to me. I don't know. Ever since Simon said that it really seems to fit in my mind.
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Does anyone think the show will be "fixed" so that the last two are Kim and one of the guys, instead of two guys? I don't know that I think that, but it has crossed my mind.

Also Josh was interviewed on some news show (I can't think of which one) and they asked him who he thought should win - and he said something like 'I think Clay SHOULD win, but I think Reuben WILL win because they are hyping him to no end and THEY WANT him to win'. So he seems to think the producers want Reuben to win and I really wouldn't be surprised if the show is fixed in any way.
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I am just trying to figure out how come it is going to take 3 days for them to determine the winner- talk about dragging it all out to get ratings!
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Josh said that on Entertainment tonight a few days ago. I think tonight's show is starting at 8:30 therefore it should be 1/2 an hour.
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Ugh, I really hope that it is not fixed. That would take all the fun out of the show and voting and all.

The Monday show is a show highlighting the final 2. Whoever they will be

Then Tuesday night they will sing and Wednesday night they will announce the winner.

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Tonights show is 8:30-9:30, at least according to TvGuide. IN case anyone (like me) tapes it to watch later.

Dawson's Creek is ending tonight, so I have to watch the final episode.

I admit it, I am addicted to TV.
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Clay should win. Who do yall think should win?!? Who do you think will get kicked out tonight?
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I dunno...I keep thinking about what Simon said....
I think we're going to be shocked. I can't imagine who will get "the boot" this week.

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Who knows what is going to happy, they will all get contracts anyway.
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Kim what did Simon say that you are referring to? I missed some of the show (out with the horses)
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I think I am the only person on this board who doesn't watch American Idol...I have no clue on what this show is even about...am I alone here???
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Don't watch American Idol!?! Watch it tonight on Fox! I believe it is at 8 o clock...well here in Texas anyway. What did Simon say? I heard Simon say that the American public is sometimes crazy with who they pick because they are picking the image, and not the singing ability.
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Hissy posted:
Kim what did Simon say that you are referring to?
Hissy - In regards to one of the final three getting voted off the show, Simon said, "I think America is going to be shocked." -- I wonder if it will be as shocking as the night Rueben made it to the bottom three? LOL! I'm on pins and needles waiting for tonight's results. (I'm guessing it will be Kimberly, and I just love her voice)

Who do you think it will be?

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I say Kim, altho I do love her voice. Clay hasn't been in the bottom 3 or 2 ever has he? Rueben has and so has Kim.
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Hey, if you haven't seen the show, don't read!!

Well, tonight was not surprising and maybe very surprising. Like Sunni Jean said, I was wondering if the final would be boy/girl again. The faves are going on-Clay and Ruben.

According to Ryan, the difference between who stayed and who went was 4%. Mabye it's because they had three really talented people competing this year? I think Kimberley's exit was classy. And they guys seemed honestly shocked by the outcome-I don't think any of them really had a clue who would stay and who would go. The final show should be VERY interesting-there are two people with very different styles competing for number 1. I guess it comes down to what type of singer America wants to see as their Idol. And I'm happy that neither fit the "pop idol" mold.
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Originally posted by Rock&Fluff'smom
I think I am the only person on this board who doesn't watch American Idol...I have no clue on what this show is even about...am I alone here???

Hanging out in this thread you probably are
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Well, Kim is gone. I like her voice very much, but I am happy that she went over the other two. Now, for who is going to win, this is going to be a tough one. I don't know. Ryan said Clay and Reuben were seperated by a mere 2% of the vote, and now Kim's votes are free flying so who knows where they are going to land. I am excited to see how it all plays out .

And for those who care, the finale of Dawson's Creek was good .
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I like Kim, but the final is the way it should be. Sad thing is, we've known this from about Week 2! Could have skipped the whole thing.

It will be really interesting to see who ends up winning. It really could go either way. Last year, it was pretty obvious that Kelly should win, but whether she would win was questionable.

I think Clay has much of the young girl vote who think he's cute. OK he has some of the older girl vote who think he's cute too. Ruben has the minority vote, and the fat people vote. Hey, I like him partly because it's nice to see someone bigger recognized for their talent instead of their waistline.

Based solely on my amature analysis of demographics, I think Ruben will win. (I also think that Kim's votes are more likely to go to Ruben, because their singing styles are similar.)
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I also think that ruban will get alot of kims votes but i'm really really hoping clay will win!! They need to open up more phone lines! I think the reason there were all so close is because alot of people couldnt get through. I tried to vote for clay for two hours and only go through three times! I really want clay to get it. Like I said because rubens voice just bores me. It is always the same. I really like how clay to change things up! And he is cuteeeeee
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The fat people vote!!

Sorry. I just thought that was hysterical . Yeah, I am very glad that neither of our potential idols is a cookie cutter version of a pop star. Reuben is a big beautiful black man, and CLay is a tall lanky big eared nerd/geek moma's boy. Either way we are getting someone unique.
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I'd like to see kelly and clay sing a duet if he wins- I think the blend of voices would be most intriguing.
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I agree Hissy, that would be really cool .
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Come on America - Make Clay your Idol! If I could vote I would! Clay is the better singer. Kim was on Entertainment Tonight last night and she said something interesting. She said that she thinks Simon wants Ruben to win as Simon will know how to market him, but has no clue how to market Clay.
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I know I will be voting for Clay . I just like him better. And the idea that Simon doesn't know how to market him, I am all about sticking it to Simon .
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Monday May 19, 8 pm/7c Special Edition: The final Two
Tuesday May 20, 8pm/7c Part 1 of the Season Finale
Wednesday May 21, 8pm/7c 2 hour season finale.
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Didn't watch last night. Don't care that much about their biographies. Tonight was great. You all know, I've never been that big of a Clay fan. Tonight he blew me away. Based on their performances, I even tried to vote for Clay (lines were busy). On the night that really counted, he brought it ON!

Way to go Clay! I truly have no idea who is actually going to win it tomorrow. Earl thinks they should have a tie since they are both so good.
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