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My theory is that everyone assumed Ruben was safe, and that people voted for who they wanted to stay, not who they thought should win. That isn't how the voting is supposed to be, but at least Ruben is staying. I bet his "peeps" will be dialing next week!!!

Josh knew he should have gone, I think he's done excellent to stay this long doing country on a pop show. I like him, and he will have a great country career.
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I was astounded and the only thing I could figure is one of two things happened. 1) Josh got the patriotic vote 2) He got the sympathy vote just to prove Simon wrong. There is a big love-hate relationship with the country and Simon. But I personally think Simon is great and tells it like it is.

But Reuben as the bottom two? Man that is totally wrong!
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I LOVE simon and normally agree with him. Every once in awhile I think he is crazy but for the most part he seems right!

At this point a really want clay to win. He proved this week that he can do pop. I think he is such a sweetie and a cutie.

My hubby said he heard on tv that clay prefers men. I thought there was a rumor going around that said he was dating carmen. Poor guy, people need to leave him along! Who cares what he is doing in his personal life, he is awesome!
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Ruben in the bottom 2? I think Josh has everyone in the military voting for him as he is a fellow military person. They should be voting based on talents! Urgh!
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Most of you have already said it.

Rueben shouldn't have been in the bottom. Josh should have been there and possibly gone home, though I can't say I am unhappy that Trenyce isn't there anymore.

I think you guys hit the nail on the head. I think everyone thought Reuben was safe and voted for others and that landed him in the bottom two. I thought for a second we were going to have another Tamyra Grey on our hands and Reuben was going to be going home. That is the first results show that I actually had some anxiety.

Josh might be our Nicki McKibben. That scares me. He has a good voice, but I don't think he stands against the others. I dunno, that is just my opinion.

I wondered about Clay and the girl boy issue, but truthfully, I don't give a flying flip, that boy can SANG! He makes me feel all melty when he sings, love 'im.
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I can't stand to wait a WHOLE WEEK for the next show!!! I want American Idol to be on every night


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On a lighter note, what did you all think about Justin's new song?
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I liked Justin's new song. I am thinking of buying the cd when it comes out. The song had a "soul"/r&b feel to it.
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I have Kelly Clarkson's CD - I like it!
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Tonight is the night, just two more weeks (after tonight) left!

I heard that tonight's theme was The Bee Gee's, and that they are flying in one of the Brothers Gibb. I heard this early last week, so I have no idea how true it is at this point. Guess we'll see.

Don't forget to vote everyone!!

Go Clay!!
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I really think that Clay is going to be the American Idol! He is so good! Reuban didn't deserve to be in the bottom 2 last week! I think Josh will go into the bottom 2! Josh would make an awesome country singer, he reminds me of Garth Brooks!

I wish I could vote, but I live in Canada and were not allowed!
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Well, if the theme is Bee-Gees, Josh has no chance. This would be the kiss of death for him. You just can't make the Bee-Gees country no matter how hard you try. Honestly, of the 4 left Clay is the only one I think could really pull it off.
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We all pretty much agree that Josh is not gonna win, but who will be in the bottom two with him???
Kimberly maybe, but she is doing so good lately?
Reuben, since he was last week?
Clay, naaa he's too good?

Hmmm...wonder who it will be.

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At this point they will be doing at least 2 songs each. I hope that people ths week vote according to talent and not all of the military voting for Josh because he is one of them! From what I understand it will be Robin Gibb as guest host tonight. Have they done 70's music yet? If not that will probably be the theme for the 1st song.
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Well, tonight Robin Gibb was the guest host and the theme was Bee Gee's songs.

I may sound a little sacreligious here, but I have to admit I'm getting a bit bored with the competition. The judges all commented on how the singers are "bringing it", but I really didn't hear anything much different from what I've heard before.

One comment...I actually loved Clay's rendition of "Grease". So what if it wasn't the most vocally accomplished songs of the night? These contestants are supposed to be entertainers, but recently I haven't been very entertained (although the singing has been great). But Clay seemed to enjoy what he was doing, and it really showed. He seemed to be having more fun than anyone has shown so far.

I really have no idea who will be in the bottom two. For me, all of the performances were the same-good but not memorable, except for Clay on "Grease".
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I hate to say it but if it were based solely on performances tonight, Kimberley would have to go IMO. I thought she sounded horrible. I thought Josh did really well, he actually did "bring it"! Ruben was stellar as always. Clay's first song was awesome, but Grease was....well (please don't throw things at me) I thought it was something from an amusement park show. Just didn't do it for me.

Christy, I agree that parts are getting boring. Like the judges comments. I'm sorry, but I heard Kimberley miss a note or two, Josh wasn't hitting the lows in his first song, and what I said about Clay's rendition of Grease. Just telling them how great they are is getting old to me. Even Simon is going soft.
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Ok, quicky review.

I thought Clay rocked. I loved both songs.

Reuben was spot on.

Josh was suprising.

Kimberly was a disappointment to me. I thought she missed the mark.

I guess we'll see tonight .
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I have to say that Josh needs to go. He can only sing Country Western, and he does that well. But he is getting the patriotic vote so he will probably be in the final two, even though he doesn't have what it takes to be American Idol material, now American Country Idol yes, but he lacks the versatility that is needed to get the job done for American Idol.
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Luv Those Paws original post:
Kimberly was a disappointment to me. I thought she missed the mark.
Clay missed his mark on "Grease", too. Clay & Kim both surprised me doing that the same night....must have not been that big of a deal since the judges really didn't say much about it either.
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Well, tonight's results weren't surprising at all.

Now it comes down to the wire-there are three really talented singers left, each who has their own strength. And, I'm happy to say they probably all break the "American Idol" mold Simon wants to create, looks-wise.

I personally wish Paula would have some criticism for the contestants. Although all criticism should be tempered with praise, I think all praise should be tempered with criticism. All three have done well, but they all have some areas they could work on. Simon, and recently Randy, have told the contestants what they could do better even when they've done really well. I think comments like these will only help become better singers, and be more entertaining for the viewing audience.
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I was sad to see Josh go tonight, but yet I knew that it was his time. Rueben and Clay are so strong...I think it's going to be a close one! I do like Kimberly, but I just don't think she's got what it takes to be the one. I'm really torn between Rueben and Clay...I enjoy them both so much!
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I am pulling for Reuben, he is from my home state! But thats not really why, I think he has a great voice, and I do like Clay too, his voice is really good too, seems like he should be on broadway or something.
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Well, the weakest singer was voted out last night. I think it will end up between Ruben and Clay, and I personally think that Clay has the strong vocal talent. The next few weeks should get interesting!
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I entirely agree with Simon. Maybe we should vote off Ryan and keep all of the competitors!

Tonight each Idol performed three songs-one at random, one chosen by the judges and one they chose. It was a real grab-bag, but only three performances stood out for me.

I really liked Ruben's performance of "Smile" (chosen by the judges). It may not have been vocally polished, but it was the first time I felt like he had actually emotionally connected with a song. I also liked Clay's "Mack the Knife". He was extremely entertaining and was by no means a lounge singer. Finally, I liked Clay's "Unchained Melody". I thought the arrangement was too fast and too rushed-the song is almost a hymn to love, and should be much slower. But, when he hit the high notes, my hair stood on end.

This last vote will be really hard, since all three are really good singers. Kim is great and has a great voice, but there are a lot of female solo singers out there, including Kelly Clarkson. She may get lost in the crowd. I think the guys stand out more, because there are so few male solo artists (besides rap and R&B). Ruben is great, he's talented but he sounds too much like Barry White and other R&B stars. I vote for Clay-he's talented, entertaining and has a fresh voice. But, then again, I could be very wrong
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I LOVE clay the most. Ruban's voice was awesome at first but I am kinda bored with him. Kim is good but I think there are alot of girl singers out there that are just as good and better. So Clay is number 1 with me. I love his voice and I never get tried of hearing him sing
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I voted for Clay this week.

He was awesome and his arrangements sound so original.

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Hate to say it (in this company anyway ) but of the three I thought Clay had the weakest overall night. Kim sounded great. Ruben was classic, and him singing "If Ever You're In My Arms Again" gave me chills. This is a tough week. I really like Simon's idea! LOL
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Ok, lemme see here.

Kim was good. I wasn't blown away by her or anything, but she was good. I see her improvement, and I think she has an amazing voice, I just don't know if she won if I would buy her album, ya know? I mean if her song came on the radio I wouldn't turn it off, but I don't know if I would invest. I didn't like the song the judges picked for her. It was too soft or something. I dunno.

Reuben was very good. I personally didn't like his rendition of Smile, but that is just me. His other two songs were very good though. I like that he looks like he is having fun up there. He is a pretty amazing singer, and I think he will have a fantastic career. And I would be more likely to buy his album than that of Kim.

Clay was also very good. I admit, his rendition of Vincent sucked. It was bad. I felt awful for him that he picked that song. It is a tough song to sing, it feels like it is missing something, like a chorus or something. So, I agreed with the judges, it wasn't good, but I kept in mind he wouldn't have chosen it for himself. Then he came back on and blew me away. His last two songs were fantastic, though I am with Randy on the dislike of that particular arangement of Unchained Melody. I would certainly buy Clay's album, but that should come as no surprise to those that read this thread .

In the end I think we have three great people to choose from, but my heart and ears are still with Clay.

Until tonight.
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I think that tonight people would be voting favourites and Clay and Ruben will stay. Last night I thought that Ruben was flat in every song and I heard his voice crack a few times. Kim was good, but not spectacular. Clay's 1st song wasn't great, but he did amazing on the last 2. Normally dislike the Unchained Melody, but he did a good version. Looking forward to tonight show!
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Did anyone watch Oprah yesterday - it was all American Idol. I taped it and watched it when I got home last night. It was really good.
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