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I have really enjoyed Kim Locke since her audition with Over the Rainbow. She has such a powerful voice and now that she is comfortable with TV she is letting it all out! I still love Clay and Rueben, but Kim had the best performance for the last 2 weeks. Carmen still needs to go!
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My point about Carmen was that her looks have carried her through, not her talent. But she is young, and with proper voice coaches who knows-
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Help! Please!...

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I dunno , I personally dont like that show
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Bottom were Josh, Carmen and Trenyce. Trenyce was sent back to safety.
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Oh thanks goodness!

Shew! Glad to see her go finally.

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No kidding, I thought if she didn't go this week then the show was most definitely fixed and for some reason she was going to stay. SO glad to see her go, just because talent-wise she should have gone a while ago IMO.
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I agree. She has the look, but she is off key half the time. Her voice is unsteady, and she doesn't seem to have much control. Not like I'm some expert, though.
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I was surprised that she ever made it this far. Now if they will just get rid of Trynece and Kimberly Locke! I think they both sounds like bleating goats!
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I think Kim Locke has really improved over the course of the show. She was on the verge of being eliminated how many times and she has really stepped up. It will be interesting to see how Trenyce and Josh do next week, especially with the comments Simon made.

Oh, and I'm going to merge this with the main American Idol thread just to keep things neat and tidy.
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It's about time Carmen got voted off. She just didn't have the talent to be THE American Idol.

It seemed to me that Josh was prepared to be voted off. Did anyone else notice that it looked like he was wearing dog tags? I think he'll probably get voted off next week.

Now it's getting hard. The people who obviously had less talent have been voted off. Josh has the patriotic vote and Trenyce has the Whitney/Mariah fan vote. If their fans vote a lot, they may just stick around.
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I think that it really depends on the performance if it is going to be josh or trencye. I was SOOOO happy to see carmen go!!!! I'm still rooting for clay! I want him to win it!
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all I can say is about time! The bottom 3 were the ones who deserved to be there! Carmen definately deserved to be voted off!
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I'm bummed- I missed it. It wasn't even listed as being on last night!
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I was happy to see Carmen go too. Though I thought she did better than Josh that night, in comparison her performance just didn't stand up against the rest.

I thought the bottom three was right on the money. I am hoping Trenyce is gone next week.
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Idol is on again tonight.

Tonight's theme is the 60's. Or so my radio told me this morning. And I heard the guest judge, but I didn't recognize the name, so I didn't retain that knowledge. Sorry .
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Hmmmm...that will be interesting to see. I bet Josh will not do well with 60's...The boy can sing the country, though! LOL!

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Clay Aiken
Age: 24
Raleigh, NC

Joshua Gracin
Age: 22
Oceanside, CA

Kimberley Locke
Age: 24
Nashville, TN

Ruben Studdard
Age: 24
Birmingham, AL

Age: 22
Memphis, TN
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It's cool to see how different they all look in those pictures. Since those pics were taken, they have all had make-overs. Especially Kimberly and Clay!

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As much as I like Josh, I don't think he did well enough to make it another week. He made the songs his own, and I think he did well, but compared with the others and considering this is a Pop show....

Personally, I didn't like Trenyce. I thought she was way too breathy.

Kim, Ruben and Clay really came to play tonight! It's going to be really tough down the stretch. They are all fabulous!
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I LOVE clay!!!!!!!! I think he is awesome!! I like ruben alot but I kinda find myself getting bored when he is singing. I'm really starting to love kim too!! She is awesome!
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Clay did an amazing job with that last song - he had Neil Sedaka in tears! I really think the final 3 (the ones that deserve it) will be Clay, Ruben and Kim. I think Treynce did well last night - wasn't her typical "Whitney" performance, but I still don't like her. Based on the quality of last night's performance, Josh should be the one with the least votes tonight.
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Yeah, I think Josh will be off tonight. But did it seem like he was really fed up with Simon's comments? But, I guess the Marine training is too strong to allow him to mouth back.

Top three are definately Ruben, Clay and Kim. Kim keeps getting better and better-she might actually make the final 2 at this rate. Trenyce was OK, but she'll probably go next week.
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Ok, time again for my convuluted critique of last nights performances.

Ok, for me, the best person of the night was Clay. He mixed it up with the first song, and had me wishing I was Buttercup. Mmm, that voice. The second song was amazing. I thought the outfit, the lighting, and his performance were stellar. I think by far he was the best last night.

Rueben, who is my very close second. I didn't really like his first song. I mean he sang it ok, but he did seem kinda bored with it, and not really into it, and for me it was kinda cold. The seond song was much much better. I liked it.

Kimberly, man she has improved. Her look is great. Her voice is amazing. I loved the first song though the judges didn't seem all that impressed, and I thought she was fantastic on the second song. For me she would be in the number two spot last night, with Rueben behind her.

Trenyce, she isn't my favorite (obviously), but I think she did a good job last night. Her performances still seem plastic to me, so I have a hard time getting into it when she is on stage. I don't like her, but I think she should be around for another week.

Josh, poor Josh. A country boy trying to make it on the Pop stage. I didn't really like either song last night. I mean he was out there doing his thing, but I just wasn't impressed. And he is getting a bit lippy with Simon. I don't think I like that either. Don't get me wrong, Simon can be a royal @ss, but he is just doing the job he was hired to do.

So, there you have it. My pick to go is Josh, but goodness knows I have been wrong before. I guess we'll see.
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What the fark was that?????????

How is that possible???????

At least the right one got to stay, that's all I can say about the results show tonight........
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Crazy results, huh?!!?? I still think Josh should have been booted off tonight. Even though Trenyce is not my favorite, she sings better than Josh most nights. (The poor guy knew he was next)

Totally weird! Makes me wonder if the show is rigged....Whew!

I don't know who the heck's going to win now! LOL! I'm sure I'm wrong but I think it will be Kimberly...

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that was INSANE!! Josh looked like he was going to cry. It soooo should have been him voted off. I guess maybe rebans fan thought he was safe I could not beleave it. I actually gasped out of shock!
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Wow, all I can say is what the heck just happened?? I was yelling at the TV after the bottom two were announced.

I guess that the fans have just assumed that Ruben would win, and didn't vote...

Even the judges were shocked. Luckily, the right person stayed through until the next round. But wow, that was messed up!
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do you think some people might have gotten confused with there being two songs. Like the voted and used the wrong numbers or something?
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